Geography That Heals, Places On My Life Map

Spirtual Road Map

Geography that heals is when I take the time to reflect on the places I traveled to for work and with intention. At times when I was in the thick of a healing journey or crisis’s. Represents the best parts of my adventurous and brave nature, to explore within and yet to travel to places that call to me and offered healing.

Certain places, that I have had the good fortune to travel to and love, brought about more awakenings, healing and insights, that when looked back upon are now answered prayers.

When I teach healing with the Usui Reiki or Intuition development, most clients that have sought me out, expressed a strong pull and connection to understanding and working with energy, other cultures, spiritual practices and the healing ways of old, that include past life recall experiences and what we would call shamanism.

My road map of healing, life experiences and becoming took me to…

Alaska USA

My name sake holds a very special and powerful place on my journey of becoming 100% me as in all parts of me, bringing together all of my heritages, the native Inuit and the Russian Jewish part. For on my hikes in the wild and traveling the Alaska landscape by sea, after living in large Canadian cities. I was able to feel and connect with all my spiritual ancestors, healing power, animal totems and nature spirits, re/clamming a part of me that would go on to use the old ways with the new. One summer was all I needed for this to happen in the great Alaska.


The first time this life time, was around 1992 and then years later through work. I had spent 11 days there the first visit and was planning to stay a long while. At the time, I was walking through and grieving the loss of a family member, many people and in the middle of my initial healing journey.

The grief and past life recall while being there was too much and I could not understand all the pain and tears while I walked and I mean walked lots the streets of Pairs, until much later. From my the first step off the plane from Toronto Canada, I knew instinctively how to find my way around the city.

It was not just the jet leg, but the memories that flooded me about a past life were powerful and real filled with great sorrow matching my own present day grief, only later when I came to understand and relate the experience to my life story and the thread that is me from a past life, did the grace of that journey, become part of my fabric to be healed and to teach others’ well. That we are more than just the now and when we understand this, then we can heal a present connected to a long ago past.

New York, NY

I love New York

I have always had a wonderful relationship with New York city since I was a teenager, had the good fortune to have family who lived there and make friends and work friends over the years and this includes working for a huge well-known company based in New York.

New York always welcomed me since day one and still does in the now 2019, even with past life recall, there were tears, but the tears were more of grace and understanding of who I am in the now and was then. I am at home in New York always, their va va voom natural nature suits my energy and a loving boldness with humour.

Newfoundland, Canada

Stationed at an army base local hotel motel while working for a French airline. I had a summer of layovers, which I choose in this small rural land filled with much great history, nature at is best and the land of people who live from heart, humour, old ways and strength.

Meeting a very powerful native guide who was part of my ancestral story who came to pass healing medicine and wisdom, did not surprise me, as at the time I was reading, studying and adopting the healing ways of old, Usui Reiki and how to use and work with ones intuition. When this occurred, I then knew why I was there and choose that direct route with stop overs in Newfoundland en route to Paris and London.


The land brought me much-needed peace and extended times to enjoy the ocean and yet again, gain more wisdom and power from my guides, who were always there to meet me and show me how to intergrade and have even more power. Showed me in real-time how I am always protected and can call on my animal helpers both domesticated and from the wild when need be. Thank you, ancestors.

In Closing, as I write this, there are so many other places and experiences I could add here, they will appear over time. People are always telling me to write a book of my many many adventures, career paths, learning, healing and wisdom with what I pray, now leads to more shared inspiration, for now, this blog will be the opening passage to more travels, daily learnings and mastery and yes more writings.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



Life Without Helmets, Another Time

No Helmets

Today as I did my walk along the ocean sea wall where I reside. I thought about an article I recently read by Caroline Myss, where she wrote about how there was a time years ago, where if you wanted to ride a bike, you got on and road, no helmet. no bike lane or bike gear for the journey.

Reflecting on this, I remember and maybe you do as well…

  • Sking with no helmets
  • No social media and a certain amount of daily social decorum and respect in regards what one shares out in the world
  •  A time when any type of single act of violence, a missing person or a single robbery made head lines and caused all for concern and did not happen daily on mass as it does now
  • Coffey was ordered simply without 10.000 add this, no that, came in a cup black and you added your own sugar, cream, milk
  •  You could buy almost any thing with $$$ cash and it was welcomed
  • Cameras you had to purchase if you wanted to take pictures
  •  Mail came delivered to your door and you had to wait to hear from family and friends
  •  Fame of any kind was achieved through hard work and talent
  •  No car alarms my pet peeve or locks on steering wheels
  •  No wind blowers to rake leaves from the lawn
  •  People walked with their heads up engaged in their surroundings
  •  Mom and Pop shops and restaurants where everywhere and could survive and prosper through their character and service
  • Corporate greed had not yet high jacked all commerce and industry
  •  A good pair of shoes or dress pants well paid for, lasted years and I mean years, not just one season or three months
  •  Animals such as domesticated pets, were respected in their true animal-ness, not dressed in clothes as they have fur for a reason

OK you get my drift here and the list could go on and on. These words are to inspire reflection and to give pause as to why some of these from the list above are now discarded.

In a world now gong so fast and addicted to kaos, would it not be wise to adopt simplicity, the power of choice yes, but not to offer so many as to create mass indecisiveness at the local Starbucks oy vey.

There is a lot to be said and felt by living in your flow that connects you to spirit, grounded in wisdom, kindness and strength to be a light amongst the growing pace of fast and get it now.

A time to just jump on the bike and ride without so much thought or anticipation of being so hyper vigilant, be alert like the wise master yes, but not the point where you miss the view as you ride or walk along the sea-shore.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019





The Grace Of Wisdom


To become truly wise, one would have walked down many path ways, trying this, trying that, acting and non reacting to external events. Exploring your souls desire with an open mind, seeing and feeling what works for you and does not work for you.

To master the game of life with a sense of positive adventure each day, to love oneself is in-itself like prayer to be a channel of wisdom and grace for another.

Grace always comes through the power of prayer, wisdom always enters when we come to that place of openness to receive, we let go and trust our inner guidance. Walking hand in hand with spirit and our angelic forces.

Wisdom teaches us to think before we speak, to reflect pre reacting or taking an action that will cause many ripple effects, especially if we know we are on new ground and others may not even want or understand your grace, your light and your wisdom.

Wisdom guides the truly courageous to try a new path with confidence and faith, knowing that spirit and the power to heal ones self is yet another act of grace guided by wisdom.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019




Spiritual Power, The Meaning Of…

Spiritual Power

“Spiritual Power 101”

We hear a lot of talk about power on ones healing and spiritual journey, as in take back your power, walk into your power, be in your power. A gracious reminder, your power is always with you. Yet; really what does it mean to hold your power or to activate ones spiritual power?

Spiritual power 101 begins as all true power that one would want to walk with and live from, is prayer. The base of any soul journey worth taking starts and grows outward from ones connection to the divine as in God, Buddha etc.

Spiritual power; when called up through prayer has the ability along with ones own sincere pull to bring in a healing, to add to ones day, to elevate ones ability to receive wisdom, where you stay centered and in your power through ENERGY which again, is within us and reaches to the heavens.

Communicating with power leaves no room for arrogance, ego or unhidden truths, we speak with gentle authority that others can hear our true intent and our inner self connects to this in a true sense, it is real, its is within. Spiritual power is the light that shines through you and always brings you into the miraculous and the sacred when called upon, in case you have forgotten.

Shine on in your power and reclaim….

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


Rituals & Ceremonies, Sage Blessing

Lets Smudge

“The Grace & Power Of Sage”

Having just come back from some good soul time in nature, the blessing of sage and doing a sage ceremony was gifted to me.

I have always loved the power of a good cleanse with sage ritual and blessing, easy to do and always calls forth a renewed energy to clear ones space and to offer a healing balm for the mind, body and soul.

Needing a renewed sense of balance or a time for the sacred to heal, unplug from the world, get yourself some white buffalo sage, light a white candle, burn some sage, create your own sage ceremony and ritual that speaks to your path at this time.

Sage ceremony is from mother earth, the healing ways of old that include any type of shamanistic practices that elevate one spirit, when in that space with spirit blessed by sage, we can then be born a new each day, each new beginning. The blessing is yours for the creating with sage and spirit.

Happy sagging, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

Spring Cleaning “Feng Shui Made Easy”

Spring Cleaning

“Spring cleaning as in clearing out all the clutter, giving your floors and space a good solid old fashion scrub with soap and water, is one of the most simple yet effective Feng Shui tips made easy”

When we think of clutter, what comes to your mind currently?

Is it your home or work space?

Is your inner light and life clogged up by past fears, perceived failures and resentments?

I have long-held the practice to keep my living and work space clean and clear. As everything holds vibrations and energy, and this includes whats on the inside of us and what we allow to grow and be in our minds, our consciousness.

Unwind, unplug from all exterior goings on, make the time for this, take one hour and clear the clutter as in a Feng Shui supper clean of your home, work, living space.

Now once rested and revived, take another hour or two of soul time, unplug the phones, unplug from all the dramas that may be floating around. Now ask your soul self? What in my inner life and thoughts needs to be cleaned up?

Give your inner self and your outer a spring make over, fill your thoughts and consciousness with the light of spirit, and if you do not know how to do this. A simple prayer request to God, Spirit, Buddha what ever your comfortable calling source.

“Spirit fill my mind and heart with your light and loving energy, keep my thoughts in the positive, focused on the good and the miraculous” amen and thank you.

Happy spring Feng Shui…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



Entering The Sacred…


And I pray…

Prayer is the language that leads me to grace in all that I am and offer to the world.

I pray to connect to my souls calling, to hear the voice of spirit through the profound grace that prayer can bring.

I pray in the morning so I remain connected to the truth that is authentic within me.

I pray for healing for self and others.

I grow in prayer, becoming even more astute in my way of living from love, service, joy, compassion and spiritual fortitude.

I pray for others as I believe in the power of prayer.

I pray to keep learning, to heal the parts of me that resist opening up to welcoming more.

I pray in gratitude for all my many blessings and yes even when the road becomes rocky and not certain. For it is through prayer that all doubt dissolves and courage leads the way.

And I pray…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019