A Field Of Grace…


The Light Of Grace

Grace is a felt energy, that brings in an extra quiet calm, that comes into your being, usually it will be the result of your working through issues or moving past a dark night of the soul. To be clear, there are all types and versions of a dark night, the dark night can be an emotional struggle, a spiritual crisis that one had to travel through to know peace, to feel and know the grace of spirit within you and coming through your very essence, Grace.

Grace in all forms finds its heavenly inner and out light through the channels of healing, prayers, meditation and one’s faith in faith and one’s faith in self to know spirit more deeply beyond petitioning prayers. You know your in a field grace when all worldly concerns no longer hold or keep you in the cycle of attachment.

Grace like prayer and gratitude is an energy and I believe is a gift, the results of your staying the coarse through the rocky terrain of healing, over coming what needed to be over come, grace is the path home to self, that lives within you and is blessed to you from spirit, Grace, welcome home.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

Believe In Yourself, Love Yourself

Embracing The Good

When I first heard the words Believe In & Love Yourself, it was at the beginning of my spiritual and healing journey some 33 years ago. Workshops, Louse Hay love yourself classes, Reiki classes, group work, the 12 steps and therapy. The words and there meaning are now felt and intergraded into my soul and my consciousness. I get it, but way back then and even some days and certain healing times, I do not feel or recognizes their meaning.

Love Yourself = to my way of knowing, means to respect yourself and when your respecting yourself and are empowered by believing in your choices, then you can certainly share that love with others, it will just be part of your essence.

Loving oneself, also means to be kind to yourself, treat yourself well, handle your business with the utmost care and again projecting self respect in all you do and say. Walk your talk as they say and accept the days where your humanness, may not have one ounce of grace to give, taking time out to refuel your light. Life is the whole package as you know, all of it, the good, the bad, the bliss, the miracles and challenges, all of it forever changing and as we learn the art of flow, we are loving ourselves with mastery.

Believe In Yourself = create your own pathway that feels 100% in alignment with who you truly are, not what others may expect you to be or even what you may think it is to live a spiritual life. Believing in yourself like developing healthy boundaries and positive self care rituals, act in the same way, it can take some time.

Only you can truly know how much you believe in yourself and if you do not, then this is where we turn to spirit to infuse our own beliefs about ourselves, the parts we would like to be and the parts that are already in place. Whatever choices one makes this day, stand in them with all your heart until the invitation comes to create new ones. Fortune favors the bold and the ones who risk, even when one has to face it all with one shred of hope and shaky faith, this is believing in yourself and loving yourself with courage.

Today or if you have not had it said to you in a while, I believe in you, in your greatness and know you are loved, the love of spirit walks with you and holds you until you believe it and feel it to be so.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

Awareness Is Key…


When listening to awareness, your being awake to new ideas, new teachings and if you are involved and participating in a new life adventure and learning. Then allowing your intuition to deliver new insights that are going to enhance your path and practice, creates even more awareness beyond self.

The thread of life is always about staying connected to the now, to the teachings that come to us each day at every moment. Being aware with out over thinking of how your energy and thoughts is projected outward, creates more balance and an inner acceptance, that guides your steps, awake and aware, that you are not who you were yesterday, as energy and you change moment to moment, idea to idea and each new awareness.

This new month of December, that kicks off the Christmas and Holiday season world wide. Create traditions that feel organically you in the now awareness of loving and welcoming each part of you, to shine front and center, in the grace of acceptance and if you are working towards an inner and outer goal or desire, let awareness be your guide to your fulfillment of inner peace and creative abundance, backed by gratitude, then share this awareness through all parts of you.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


Do You See What I See…

Emotional Freedom

I believe the title of this weeks new wisdom article, may have come from a Xmas song. Do you see what I see? Depending on your story and how you are wired as in 100% intuitive, empathic and able to read energy while staying grounded in your body and this world, then we may share the same vision, both to see within and on the outside of the things, beyond what is visible.

The ability to read sitatuons, people and the vibe in any room is not meant to crush or hurt one emtionaly. It is a call to a level of intuitive skill to master, to know, to see, to feel and yet remain in this world with an open heart, an open mind and the power of forgiveness and compassion. It is to walk in balance connected to spirit and love, a task not always easy or for the faint of heart, like the spiritual path.

Do we as empaths need to carry the energetic burdnes of others, is it our do to expose un truths at every turn? No it is not, comparing or judging ourselves does no good to ignite that free Eagle within you, who can see for miles and what’s coming down the road up a head, just ensure your inner radar is set on spirit, healing and love, and not the repeat dial of old wounds and triggers of projections to knock you off your mark, if they are, then welcome the opportunity to go deeper and heal with love.

Do you see what I see? A world gone mad at times, yet the beauty and grace that is there and meant for all of us to contribute to bringing even more light and love, just by being you, by living the light, without trying to convince or convert another.

Do you listen to that wise calm voice within and follow guidance? Even if you know it will take some navigating to get the job done or to have that uncomfortable conversation? If you do with faith in faith and trust in the power of the unseen lead by spirit, then you open up to a field of miracles and infinite possibilities. Life is not always a straight line.

Do you respect the whole seeing package that is you? In all of your inner wisdom that can see beyond what’s psychically in front of you? Then this is the only validation you need.

Do you see what I see, infinite grace beyond all illusion and pain, that may try to take you off your mark, yet with certainty of puprose and a solid conviction in creating a new story, one that inspires and promotes all that you are and see, then like the Eagle, fly high and enjoy the view and the travels as spirits plan unfolds.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019




This Quote Says It All, Yes…

“Do not be afraid to start over again, this time, you are not starting from scratch, you are starting from experience”

I came across the above quote on Linkedin, posted from an ex colleague of mine, who worked in luxury retail with me a few years back. I love this quote and the impact of the teaching and shared inspiration that it is providing me this day. So many times in life, depending how you like to roll with the times and navigate change, we are invited and at times to let go and walk a new path, be it by force or by choice.

When is enough is enough? Only your soul can answer that question, know yourself well, then the pathway to all creative change and new beginnings act as an adventure rather than a trying night mare. I speak from vast experience, having lived and passed through many changes self created and at times not.

Integrity sits at the center of my new change. That ones “integrity, needs to be non negotiable” regardless of what’s sits in your bank account, as well as this saying, “there is no substitute for the truth” I love that one as well, passed to me by one of my best clients, who was a big deal in the business world.

One needs integrity, the grace of spirit, courage and the ability to stay 100% in the land of the now while going from one adventure to the next.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

The Prospering Power Of Release

Release Power

The steps that involve releasing anything that no longer serves. When your time has come to sit in the sun and start co/creating and attracting what you truly desire for your life in the now, based on who you are in the present. I have listed below the emotions as well as the bliss that will come when one lets go and let flow with spirit

Change is rarely a surprise, usually you would have been given one or numerous heads up as spirit told me two months ago, prepare for change. We can resist, put on back burner until something happens to escalate and inspire you to take the steps you need to take.

1, Denial of what intuition has been telling you

2, Fear of change, resistance to the change

3, Grieve the old so the new can be born

4, Pray like there is no tomorrow

5, Know when your time has come, invest in faith not fear

6, Be willing to forgive

7, You are worthy

8, Trust in spirits plan to show you the way with intuition, step by step

As a wise Master and dear friend said to me of late, when I shared how a recent needed change came down, his words are perfect as it all unfolded rather intense and not how I thought it would, yet on the other side when the dust settled bliss, absolute calm and assurance, though I had to work through all of the steps. Yes, Gods dynamite is powerful in all of his and her grace to get you awake, to know the time has come to release what no longer serves, as we must make room for our new good.

Be blessed on your path of becoming and awaking your true hearts desire, allow spirit to guide you into the landscape of your dreams come true, yet more importantly, you did it, even when fear and resistance tried to stand in your way, the prospering power of release brought on by intuition in alignment with spirit, created new opportunities for you to shine and breathe in a new life force that is called faith in action.

Michael @ New Wisdom New Blog 2019

The Wisdom, Healing, Messages Of Animal Totems

Hummingbird Medicine

In my line of work as a healer, spiritual teacher and mostly when I did in person readings full time for a wide variety of companies, bookstores, events and one on one private sessions. All clients enjoyed sitting at my reading table, receiving a sage blessing, validation and extra wisdom and healing advice from my Animal cards or Animal totem Spirit cards as I like to refer to them.

The animals have much to teach and share with us, on my own healing journey and spiritual becoming, it was my connection with the animals since being a young lad raised in the backwoods, with strong roots in the Native community, Irish, Jewish and French culture.

Where the healing ways of old and the ability to work with animal medicine or totems if you will, was a natural way of living and believing beyond the vale of what is in front of you. Powerful, healing and certainly helped me many times in my life, this includes when needed Bear Spirit protection out in the big city streets, where gay people, the two spirited were not always welcomed or safe in certain places and areas, so thank you bear for always looking out for me.

It was a wonderful African psychic name Lucy who once read for me, who was delighted to report to me within the reading, that I had the ability to communicate with the animals and they with me. She was so right, as a lot of my youth when not running around getting into some form of rebellious trouble. I was up in the woods, just sitting and talking to the wildlife that filled the wide-open spaces and they speaking to me.

To this day, each morning, I pull a few totem animal spirit cards to see who is walking with me today, what healing, learning or issues needs fine tuning and addressing as well as what blessings are coming up the pathway. I could go into a more In-depth translation, but I will share a few Animal totems and their meaning listed below.

They are all around us and we do not need to go deep in the woods to receive a message, it can come from a city crow to an ant passing in front of you while enjoying your Starbucks.

Wolf Totem

Eagle; Taking flight, following the joys of your heart, not bound or closed in, the Eagle is always a sign of great spirit and one’s connection to spirit and the heavens, powerful totem and fortuitous omen indeed

Bear; The mother energy, powerful healer and protector, reminding us at times to go inward, to be in the cave of healing and solitude

Turtle; Patience and like the story goes slow and steady wins the race and turtles shell protects and they can give a warning snap and slap if need be

Ant; The totem of patience, faith and trust, that your good is EnRoute to you if you do not see it in the now, the ant message is always one of victory when patience, strategy and faith are put into the mix

Owl; The wisdom of clairvoyance, psychic ability, like attracts like and if you look around your life you will see others who have this ability as you do who are close to you, seeing clearly, never being fooled but the visible, lightning up our blind side to see truth in all situations and forms

Armadillo; Love this one, the totem of Boundaries, its shield on its back and protects its under belly that is soft and tender, setting one’s boundaries, call on this one when your feeling overwhelmed by other people’s energies

Lady Bug; In Feng Shui we call her the totem of luck and good fortune, never ever kill these littles ones like ants and beetles, if they are around and you would like them gone, simple say a prayer and send them the message that they have 48 hours or other time to find a new home, I love when Lady Bug lands on my hand or shoulder

Crow; The shape shifter, bringing and intergrading past, present in future into the now. The black birds in native culture are considered the lucky ones not dark forces like the movies portray, they are magical, very smart and a tad mischievous, which only adds to their allure

May all the animal totems and messengers bless you with healing, guidance and positive validation as we call on them and learn to walk in balance, we are here to assist them as well with our light, prayers, respect and gratitude…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019