Month: February 2019

Forgiveness, A Path To Grace


We come to forgiveness, so our soul, body, mind and heart will be free of any and all resentments, old fears and road blocks that no longer serve, thus the energy of grace and peace enters.

I see and imagine forgiveness as an Eagle flying free, un attached to the worldly chaos that humans create and can fall prey to. The word and wisdom of forgiveness will come to me quietly from spirit. I no longer question the why, who or what, if this is what my soul is guiding me to do, then this is the answer.

Prayer creates the path way and first step, forgiving self and others. Keeping the run way of my life, daily practice and energy clean and clear. Who has the time or the room to carry the burdens or projections that we have nothing to do with.

Today the Buddha in my heart arises so that I can walk with integrity in my light, body and soul relaxes into the grace, that comes from prayer and the opening to all that I can welcome in through the gate way of forgiveness.

Who today do you need to forgive? What needs to be gone from your heart space that is taking up room for other blessings? I forgive self for the times I knew no better or caused unnecessary pain that pro longed my Eagle taking flight.

In Grace & Peace

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



Soul Reflection Time, The Spiritual


“Your spiritual work is a higher state of consciousness that would not be real for most people” Caroline Myss

Take a few moments today and allow your soul to speak to you, use the above quote as an invitation to reflect on your spiritual journey and your connection to the un seen and out in the everyday world, honoring your light, your wisdom, courage to heal, change and be connected beyond what is visible, blessings in light, Michael

Opening Up To Change “New Adventures”

New Adventures

“Hello all my wonderful blog readers, happy blessed Valentines day”

I like to call Valentines day, the love day, yet for all of us on a spiritual path, quest and journey, love is always on and at the center of each day and who we are, the love of our connection to wisdom and to spirit, this is the love I know and speak of.

Today I will toast this day with a delicious fudge brownie with classy Hagandaz vanilla ice cream, yes love and treats all around. Back to today’s blog topic, which is the adventure that change can bring. We are  now all familiar with the Buddha Master saying of “Change is the only constant”.

Yet what happens when we say yes to change, going and growing beyond our fear. We may encounter the first steps of wow, this is great and long over do, brought on by a house move, a healing crisis, a power of choice made or career path.

Step 2, beyond the beginning, we may find ourselves in the weeds of old patterns popping up, that may make us re think our change choices. Yet, if we stick with it and get to Step 3, the A Ha moment, where we are standing in our light, while working towards and co/creating an authentic life that is you in the now, we know the icky uncomfortable times and triggers that may come up with change, is 100% worth it.

Living the spiritual path and being tapped into spirit and intuition will not always be a cake walk or warm and fuzzy, yet those feelings are there, when we embrace change, surrender and simply say spirit, I am here on this path, next step and wisdom please to get me to the next point, thank you amen.

2019 is a great place to say yes to a new adventure, remember, you have all the tools, the wisdom, spirit has your back always, as does your own inner power source, which is you in the driver seat of all change, combined with looking towards the un seen and intuition as your trusted compass.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

The Universe & You…


One of my favorite quotes high lighted below, is by the delightful and wise spiritual teacher author Marianne Williamson, from the course in miracles, who by the way in her grace, putting action into creating a better world, is now running for 20/20 president, you go Goddess..

“The universe is always self-correcting”

I love that statement and others have been known to hear me quote that the universe and spirit is always generous. We do our part through prayer, through action and reflection, by holding a space in love, gratitude and faith towards our intentions and others.

We work hand in hand with spirit each day, living in the now, seeking guidance, going inward, talking to our soul, hearing the voice of intuition aligned with God, Buddha, Spirit, what ever name you are comfortable calling source, all that is, beyond self and this world.

The miraculous happens when we choose to let go and we take a breath, as we remember to use this saying that holds reverence, when all has been done on our part, we surrender in wisdom and knowledge, “the generous  universe is always self-correcting”.  guided by humility with inspiration to let go and allow flow.

Thank you spirit…

Thank you generous universe…

Thank you life…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019