The Universe & You…


One of my favorite quotes high lighted below, is by the delightful and wise spiritual teacher author Marianne Williamson, from the course in miracles, who by the way in her grace, putting action into creating a better world, is now running for 20/20 president, you go Goddess..

“The universe is always self-correcting”

I love that statement and others have been known to hear me quote that the universe and spirit is always generous. We do our part through prayer, through action and reflection, by holding a space in love, gratitude and faith towards our intentions and others.

We work hand in hand with spirit each day, living in the now, seeking guidance, going inward, talking to our soul, hearing the voice of intuition aligned with God, Buddha, Spirit, what ever name you are comfortable calling source, all that is, beyond self and this world.

The miraculous happens when we choose to let go and we take a breath, as we remember to use this saying that holds reverence, when all has been done on our part, we surrender in wisdom and knowledge, “the generous  universe is always self-correcting”.  guided by humility with inspiration to let go and allow flow.

Thank you spirit…

Thank you generous universe…

Thank you life…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


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