Runaway Bride & Trust Your Intuition

Runaway Bride

The Bride Wanted To Run (True Story)

I always include this story when teaching classes on Intuition and in my on line learning programs.

Years ago, I had the pleasure of working part time as a high-end wedding photographers assistance. It was fun, as I was paid well and was able to work professionally many super classy weddings. Contributing to numerous special occasions for love and celebration of union between two lives. Most high-powered events are stressful for the bride and the groom and those working them.

The lovely soul I worked for was the best, fun, spiritual, creative and highly intuitive. Who confided in me that on her own wedding day, she was now, a few years later in the process of leaving her husband. Her gut told her right at the altar before she said I do, not to do this, to stop the ceremony and not marry the man, who stood before her. Who by the way, I knew and was a wonderful man. It just was not right and she knew this.

My question to her and this is the common answer I hear when I asked her and others, (yes there were others) why did you go through with it? Answer, I did not have the courage, as we were in Hawaii and all the guest and my family who traveled far, the expense etc. You know the drill.

The purpose of sharing this story. I think you know what I am getting at. By not listening to our intuition, we may save some painful outcome or hurt to another, for a short time. In the long and short run, we hurt our selves the most, thus pushing our inner voice down. Contributing to not trusting or giving voice to our intuition and the truth that is always within us.

Michael @ Wisdom Blog 2019

Welcoming In More…

Spring 2019 Abundance

Spring is here and just as when the New Year comes, we are inspired to create positive change and now on one’s spiritual journey as it always is, to welcome in MORE.

Words and remedies in the past were said and written about manifesting. I maintain that practice yet now include knowing that Spirit, God, Buddha, the generous universe is our co/creator.

If you only focus on what has been or what is not here, then this grows, so as the tittle of this new blog states, it is time Welcome In More.

Prepare the run way of your life with this simple Feng Shui practice. Get rid of the clutter both within and on the outside where you live or work, clear it all out. This in turn allows a fresher open space for spirit to fill it up with your new good.

So, what is it that you are wanting to have more of? Below are a few wisdom’s in food for spring thoughts to assist with welcoming in more.

Is it love?

Soul Companionship?

More money and career success, yes, it’s allowed and very spiritual to desire as everything is on the path

Are you ready for more?

What are you willing to commit to in order to live in the new with more?

As we welcome in more, then we share more from that space within us, thus creating an expanded vision and energy, living beyond any resistance or false comfort of lack. More does not always refer to money or abundance, though this is more than OK. More as in, can we live with and be more at peace with all our choices and soul desires from the heart, welcoming in more, HAPPY SPRING…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

“Healing” With A Specific Intention


The power to heal, transform and be healed is always with us. In the midst of healing any particular issues or old long-held belief that does not serve. We may find ourselves in a foreign land that feels very uncomfortable, that bobie traps are everywhere and we may ask ourselves, what the Fakakis (Yiddish word I use a lot, that describes crazy) have I got myself into.

To have and co/create a specific healing intention, you will know the time has come, as you will be guided by your souls calling, intuition, your guides, your healing angels and spirit. When we surrender and pray for a specific healing intention, we may receive what feels like the opposite. Good healing like the word love can bring up any thing un like its name.

Stay the course when you’re in the middle of all new change, repeat, stay the course and commit to the change you have set in motion.

So how does one activate and call up a specific healing intention, the trusted steps that I have used for self and many many clients over the years are below. Please read over and use if guided to or add to your own.

1, You will know as you keep being told through intuition that a certain pattern belief system needs to go or a healer/wise teacher or a good friend may suggest, you just know that your ready for more and the new, not the old.

2, Courage always favors the bold, so call up your powerful wise healer within to guide you through.

3, In prayer, self reiki and meditation we can always call in our healing guides and spirit, then set the intention of what you know or feels needs to heal permanently.

4, Remember as we surrender a pattern or issue, we do with love and gratitude for it has helped you and protected a certain part of you, then we call in and replace with love or what you feel is long desired for your journey to wholeness.

5, Be patient with the process and find some words, chants to redirect your thoughts and vibes when the ego may bloom up and try to convince you this is too hard. The power of forgiveness will assist here big time.

6, I find exploring all pre doing a specific healing intention in my journal and writing down on paper what you are ready to release and call in, helps greatly.

7, This is a process so reach out and do what you must as in speaking of this with a spiritual like-minded friend or support from a healer, we do not wallow, you will feel the power coming up transforming you and know your liberation as you create a new story for yourself.

8, Healing is a process, many levels, yet we can ask our soul and spirit, what is needed in now to get there and remember, the best wisdom and guidance comes from the un seen when we turn inward.

Side Note; When all is said and done and you cannot take one more minute of a particular teaching or energetic circumstance. I have been known to say to spirit and my guides, enough, stop this and send me the reverse, I cannot take one more minute of this, thank you.

I just this article has been of use and or reassurance on your path, I believe in you and the power of positive change, blessings in healing peace and grace on your journey, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019




Who Is Running The Show…


We are the sum of many parts and when each part has been transformed and given a new lease on living in the now, there you will find your power center and your healing. Today we explore a few examples of the many parts that make up who we are.

We can call them personality (emotional) traits from this life or a past life, depending on your spiritual beliefs. Caroline Myss in her brilliant work, refers to these as Archetypes that we all have within us.

When we know ourselves in this way, then healing a certain issue or even a phobia can bring more peace, inspiration and a needed soul dialogue with a certain part or trait within you. Thus activating positive change and healing of an issue.

Please note, it does no good to beat ones self up when we become awake to the parts of us that need our support, inner strength, self compassion and healing, not more abandonment.

A few  personality traits that can block or resist healing and change

  • The wounded inner child or soul
  • The Victim
  • The supreme ego judge of all things and people
  • The inner saboteur

A few inner traits that can assist in healing and reclaiming ones power

  • The inner spiritual Warrior and powerful Goddess
  • The healer
  • The wise one
  • The spiritual Master
  • The artist,  inner banker and creative soul

We start our inner communication journey and healing dialogue with our soul through prayer, healing sessions, self Reiki, meditation, connecting with our intuition and source, which is the divine.

Start today and remind any part of yourself that may be afraid, lost in fear or acting out. That your wise powerful grounded one is now running the show and has your back. It takes time to heal an issue, and as we all know, healing is on going, not a race but with steps at times of fast progress and baby steps at other times.

Take the time to get to know you, all parts of you, honor them and you will know when it is time to welcome in a new healed powerful part from your soul to run the show. Yet remembering to thank all of the other parts as we acknowledge them with gratitude and healing as we move forward.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


Giving With Gratitude


Sunday, March 3 2019

Sharing, giving with grace and gratitude is always in style. Certain intentions and loving practices in this life never go out of fashion.

Gratitude begets more is a wise saying, give from your heart and the light of that moment infuses the gift, be it a thought said to self about another, a prayer, a compliment, a gift of any kind.

We give through out our day, backed by a heart that beats gratitude for this moment and for the reminders that inspire us and elevate our humanness, hugs and Reiki grace all around this day, be blessed.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019