Welcoming In More…

Spring 2019 Abundance

Spring is here and just as when the New Year comes, we are inspired to create positive change and now on one’s spiritual journey as it always is, to welcome in MORE.

Words and remedies in the past were said and written about manifesting. I maintain that practice yet now include knowing that Spirit, God, Buddha, the generous universe is our co/creator.

If you only focus on what has been or what is not here, then this grows, so as the tittle of this new blog states, it is time Welcome In More.

Prepare the run way of your life with this simple Feng Shui practice. Get rid of the clutter both within and on the outside where you live or work, clear it all out. This in turn allows a fresher open space for spirit to fill it up with your new good.

So, what is it that you are wanting to have more of? Below are a few wisdom’s in food for spring thoughts to assist with welcoming in more.

Is it love?

Soul Companionship?

More money and career success, yes, it’s allowed and very spiritual to desire as everything is on the path

Are you ready for more?

What are you willing to commit to in order to live in the new with more?

As we welcome in more, then we share more from that space within us, thus creating an expanded vision and energy, living beyond any resistance or false comfort of lack. More does not always refer to money or abundance, though this is more than OK. More as in, can we live with and be more at peace with all our choices and soul desires from the heart, welcoming in more, HAPPY SPRING…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

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