Spring Cleaning “Feng Shui Made Easy”

Spring Cleaning

“Spring cleaning as in clearing out all the clutter, giving your floors and space a good solid old fashion scrub with soap and water, is one of the most simple yet effective Feng Shui tips made easy”

When we think of clutter, what comes to your mind currently?

Is it your home or work space?

Is your inner light and life clogged up by past fears, perceived failures and resentments?

I have long-held the practice to keep my living and work space clean and clear. As everything holds vibrations and energy, and this includes whats on the inside of us and what we allow to grow and be in our minds, our consciousness.

Unwind, unplug from all exterior goings on, make the time for this, take one hour and clear the clutter as in a Feng Shui supper clean of your home, work, living space.

Now once rested and revived, take another hour or two of soul time, unplug the phones, unplug from all the dramas that may be floating around. Now ask your soul self? What in my inner life and thoughts needs to be cleaned up?

Give your inner self and your outer a spring make over, fill your thoughts and consciousness with the light of spirit, and if you do not know how to do this. A simple prayer request to God, Spirit, Buddha what ever your comfortable calling source.

“Spirit fill my mind and heart with your light and loving energy, keep my thoughts in the positive, focused on the good and the miraculous” amen and thank you.

Happy spring Feng Shui…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



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