Rituals & Ceremonies, Sage Blessing

Lets Smudge

“The Grace & Power Of Sage”

Having just come back from some good soul time in nature, the blessing of sage and doing a sage ceremony was gifted to me.

I have always loved the power of a good cleanse with sage ritual and blessing, easy to do and always calls forth a renewed energy to clear ones space and to offer a healing balm for the mind, body and soul.

Needing a renewed sense of balance or a time for the sacred to heal, unplug from the world, get yourself some white buffalo sage, light a white candle, burn some sage, create your own sage ceremony and ritual that speaks to your path at this time.

Sage ceremony is from mother earth, the healing ways of old that include any type of shamanistic practices that elevate one spirit, when in that space with spirit blessed by sage, we can then be born a new each day, each new beginning. The blessing is yours for the creating with sage and spirit.

Happy sagging, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

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