Spiritual Power, The Meaning Of…

Spiritual Power

“Spiritual Power 101”

We hear a lot of talk about power on ones healing and spiritual journey, as in take back your power, walk into your power, be in your power. A gracious reminder, your power is always with you. Yet; really what does it mean to hold your power or to activate ones spiritual power?

Spiritual power 101 begins as all true power that one would want to walk with and live from, is prayer. The base of any soul journey worth taking starts and grows outward from ones connection to the divine as in God, Buddha etc.

Spiritual power; when called up through prayer has the ability along with ones own sincere pull to bring in a healing, to add to ones day, to elevate ones ability to receive wisdom, where you stay centered and in your power through ENERGY which again, is within us and reaches to the heavens.

Communicating with power leaves no room for arrogance, ego or unhidden truths, we speak with gentle authority that others can hear our true intent and our inner self connects to this in a true sense, it is real, its is within. Spiritual power is the light that shines through you and always brings you into the miraculous and the sacred when called upon, in case you have forgotten.

Shine on in your power and reclaim….

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


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