The Grace Of Wisdom


To become truly wise, one would have walked down many path ways, trying this, trying that, acting and non reacting to external events. Exploring your souls desire with an open mind, seeing and feeling what works for you and does not work for you.

To master the game of life with a sense of positive adventure each day, to love oneself is in-itself like prayer to be a channel of wisdom and grace for another.

Grace always comes through the power of prayer, wisdom always enters when we come to that place of openness to receive, we let go and trust our inner guidance. Walking hand in hand with spirit and our angelic forces.

Wisdom teaches us to think before we speak, to reflect pre reacting or taking an action that will cause many ripple effects, especially if we know we are on new ground and others may not even want or understand your grace, your light and your wisdom.

Wisdom guides the truly courageous to try a new path with confidence and faith, knowing that spirit and the power to heal ones self is yet another act of grace guided by wisdom.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019




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