Life Without Helmets, Another Time

No Helmets

Today as I did my walk along the ocean sea wall where I reside. I thought about an article I recently read by Caroline Myss, where she wrote about how there was a time years ago, where if you wanted to ride a bike, you got on and road, no helmet. no bike lane or bike gear for the journey.

Reflecting on this, I remember and maybe you do as well…

  • Sking with no helmets
  • No social media and a certain amount of daily social decorum and respect in regards what one shares out in the world
  •  A time when any type of single act of violence, a missing person or a single robbery made head lines and caused all for concern and did not happen daily on mass as it does now
  • Coffey was ordered simply without 10.000 add this, no that, came in a cup black and you added your own sugar, cream, milk
  •  You could buy almost any thing with $$$ cash and it was welcomed
  • Cameras you had to purchase if you wanted to take pictures
  •  Mail came delivered to your door and you had to wait to hear from family and friends
  •  Fame of any kind was achieved through hard work and talent
  •  No car alarms my pet peeve or locks on steering wheels
  •  No wind blowers to rake leaves from the lawn
  •  People walked with their heads up engaged in their surroundings
  •  Mom and Pop shops and restaurants where everywhere and could survive and prosper through their character and service
  • Corporate greed had not yet high jacked all commerce and industry
  •  A good pair of shoes or dress pants well paid for, lasted years and I mean years, not just one season or three months
  •  Animals such as domesticated pets, were respected in their true animal-ness, not dressed in clothes as they have fur for a reason

OK you get my drift here and the list could go on and on. These words are to inspire reflection and to give pause as to why some of these from the list above are now discarded.

In a world now gong so fast and addicted to kaos, would it not be wise to adopt simplicity, the power of choice yes, but not to offer so many as to create mass indecisiveness at the local Starbucks oy vey.

There is a lot to be said and felt by living in your flow that connects you to spirit, grounded in wisdom, kindness and strength to be a light amongst the growing pace of fast and get it now.

A time to just jump on the bike and ride without so much thought or anticipation of being so hyper vigilant, be alert like the wise master yes, but not the point where you miss the view as you ride or walk along the sea-shore.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019





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