Full Moon Wisdom

Full Moon

Full Moon Bliss, Drama & Awakenings, The Full Monty…

I started this particular prayer practice to be included in my daily prayers a number of years ago. When knowing a full moon is coming. I ask for extra grace, peace, protection and wisdom from spirit and my angels to bring me through. Translates to, let me not fall prey to the heightened emotions and vast craziness that can and will occur out in the world.

I do not project as in manifesting this wonky full moon reality, it is real and I keep my grace and emotions in check. I witness this, time and time again in my day job out in the world of Luxury retail, oy vey and this recent one was a dozzey and them some.

Not only did the past few days exhaust me energetically, testing and fine tuning the Master within, from being out there in the world serving, which I love to do. I can always tell when a full moon is coming. I sense it first in the vibe in my area where I live out in the streets, type of folks and their request and odd behaviours coming into my work.

Some full moons are celebrated as in our soul growth gets elevated, others challenge our grace and we are awaked to or our humaness. I would also add the times we live in and the global energy will effect how people feel, act and see on the full moon. This info will be most helpful to all of us empaths, psychic and healing folks.

Remember, not all that happens or felt through a full moon or any time, is to make you question you and any issues that have been healed or working on. Far to often at times, we may feel we have to fix everything and everything has to do with us. It does not, so dear readers, take extra good self care with a big side of self love, some sweet treats, lay low, burn some sage and shut up shop, when the full moon weather channel gets to be to much, this too shall pass ahhh thank god!!!

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


Yes, Peace Is Important


Peace Be Still

I gain peace through all acts of prayer and healing. I gain power through my prayer practice, the power I speak of gives me the grace to be truthful and honest and not to fear endings or beginnings, to face each new day and any challenges or human wondering, with the spiritual Mastery that lives inside of me, we all have an old wise one within us.

Peace is important, welcoming in peace , asking for more peace so your soul can breathe, so one can take a break from all rushing, worrying, trying, you name it. Peace be still in me that this energy can surround and expand, benefiting where I walk, talk and how I approach life and others.

Peace; the grace that comes with reprieve after a dark night of the soul, be it a long night that’s last weeks, years or a new level of self awareness that came fast after working away at some issue for a long time. Peace I welcome you this day and peace that is now shared with each who find their way to this blog, Peace….

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

“Create A New Story”


New Story

“Emotional Make Over, Create A New Story”

Words have power, energy is in all things. I cannot share this enough. So, what words and story are you telling yourself. Is your focus on the new and creative, or are you bogged down without any pay offs or emotional reprieve in the old that no longer serves? The invitation to be lifted up by spirit and your own grace is always with you, to rewrite history and begin a new?

Todays article will serve as an emotional make over, going beyond a facial and a mani peddi, we have the power, we have the tools, we have the ability within us to call up healing for any circumstance, issues or desire, when we align with spirit and our souls true passion.

There is no point in creating the new if a part of you is still invested in remaining in the same old same old.

Healing of any kind is a process, its takes time, a true desire, action and commitment, the key is to start. Its like when we would like more abundance, it is then best to ask yourself, are your ready for this? Forcing any thing or pretending does not assist in the realm of your soul or the creation of the new. So be kind and gentle with self, yet take hold when it is time to grow foreword fearlessly.

My new story is the one that I co/create and live that feels 100% authentic to me and my soul, being true to one’s self while standing in courage and shinning your light, is one of the more powerful emotional make overs you can welcome.

Write and create a new story if you do not like the one presently unfolding. Be the author of your own destiny. Empower your wishes with the grace of humility and the willingness to step out on the crest of the new. As we write this new story our subconscious picks up this belief and as you grow into it, every part of you will become and attract this. You can do this; I believe in you and the power of grace…

End note of healing…

Healing is an on going process, when I speak of healing, I am not talking about staying to long in a place that is completed and requires no more time, I am speaking about when we allow ourselves the time and space we need to intergrade, to reflect and to know the next step in manifesting and co/creating the new, this to me is how I perceive and know healing works.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019





A few days ago, I decided to bless my life and days with committing to an 11 Days of Gratitude practice each morning, at the top of my writing pages in my morning ritual, which is to journal and write free flow.

This sets the tone for my day. I listed Day 1 to Day 11 and before I begin any other creative writting, I list on one page what I am grateful for. I am a firm believer and a constant practitioner of gratitude, be it spoken, said to another or in quiet prayers to spirit.

Let your words and writing just come, do not edit and yes there has been more than a few times in my life, where the journey was extra painful and challenging, yet, I said Gratitude for the teachings and the pain, empowering my soul by doing this, not to be victimized by life’s changings fortunes and times.

So today, I encourage you dear wise reader to share in this ritual and create your own 11 Days Gratitude Feng Shui make over. As we praise and giveth, the generous universe always responds in kind.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019