A few days ago, I decided to bless my life and days with committing to an 11 Days of Gratitude practice each morning, at the top of my writing pages in my morning ritual, which is to journal and write free flow.

This sets the tone for my day. I listed Day 1 to Day 11 and before I begin any other creative writting, I list on one page what I am grateful for. I am a firm believer and a constant practitioner of gratitude, be it spoken, said to another or in quiet prayers to spirit.

Let your words and writing just come, do not edit and yes there has been more than a few times in my life, where the journey was extra painful and challenging, yet, I said Gratitude for the teachings and the pain, empowering my soul by doing this, not to be victimized by life’s changings fortunes and times.

So today, I encourage you dear wise reader to share in this ritual and create your own 11 Days Gratitude Feng Shui make over. As we praise and giveth, the generous universe always responds in kind.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019




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