Yes, Peace Is Important


Peace Be Still

I gain peace through all acts of prayer and healing. I gain power through my prayer practice, the power I speak of gives me the grace to be truthful and honest and not to fear endings or beginnings, to face each new day and any challenges or human wondering, with the spiritual Mastery that lives inside of me, we all have an old wise one within us.

Peace is important, welcoming in peace , asking for more peace so your soul can breathe, so one can take a break from all rushing, worrying, trying, you name it. Peace be still in me that this energy can surround and expand, benefiting where I walk, talk and how I approach life and others.

Peace; the grace that comes with reprieve after a dark night of the soul, be it a long night that’s last weeks, years or a new level of self awareness that came fast after working away at some issue for a long time. Peace I welcome you this day and peace that is now shared with each who find their way to this blog, Peace….

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

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