Being Awake “You Do Not Have To Be Perfect”


One does not have to be perfect to be awake on their path and spiritually journey. If you feel that you have to be the next Mother Teressa or the Buddha, because you have had a spiritual awakening, then now would be a good time to set your mind free, relax and ease into the day without the feeling that you have to be perfect to serve and walk with spirit.

I adore the life and respect Mother Teressa. I hold her in high regard and offer my blessings of gratitude for a brave soul, who walked her talk with such compassion, giving and grace. It is part of our soul journey and healing to be awake. To refine our ability to walk in truth and share love and light, not to beat ourselves up for our humanness.

Forgiveness is there not as a way to not be awake or not hold ourselves accountable when we know ego is in charge. The healing power of forgiveness sets us and others free. We walk with spirit in honesty and trust me when I say this, your guides, spirit and angels love you just as you are. Worts and all as the saying goes.

I write because I can and I love the process of writting, telling stories, teaching, learning and creating through writting. It is part of me since being very young. Smart awakend souls that I am fortunate to have in my life remind me at times and I am graitful for this. That I, we, do not have to be perfect to enjoy a life or meaning, light and abundance once awake. Today, release the perfection vibe and just allow yourself to be, this is anough.

Michael @ Wisdom Blog 2019


What’s The Teaching…

Love Energy

We all know the term that could be considered a teaching, “let go and let god or let go and let flow”. No matter what comes my way, the best way for my own learning and spiritual evolution, as with all learning. I view and consider a teaching, regardless if it is painful or filled with wisdom that is easy to intergrade.

When a situation continues and one has not yet cultivated the inner foundation to hold the energy through the tough times or learning transformation times, then life and or a healing journey, can seem like an endless test in patience, perseverance with no reprieve.

A positive solution for this, is in ones perception and ones faith connected to practice and spirit. A good remedy is to ask what is the teaching here? What am I am learning or need to master? Spirit always answers when asked as does your intuition, the reply even if it is none, is the answer at the time.

Release the pain embrace the wisdom is one of the early teachings. I received from one of my first teachers many years ago. Ask and it is given and this invitation does not always mean, send me a new car, better yet ask if this is your true desire, how can I develop the level of power, confidence and self esteem or any thing else I can do? To create and have the abundance mind set to go and buy the car?

Teachings and teachers come in all forms when one is awake on their path of learning, healing and mastery. Look for these blessings where ever you stand today and if you need to ask what is the teaching? Then you are certainly far along your path in self mastery and ready to receive the blessings.

Michael @ Wisdom Blog 2019


In Process Versus Goals

In Porcess

In Process

Being in process or processing something; be it a new teaching, a healing aspiration, new circumstances and ones emotions to get to a new place within your story. Is how we let ourselves know with reassurance, that we are on track. It is also a statement and a way to express ones self. As in “I am in the process of…….”

We are all here on this planet to heal, to be healed and to offer healing to others through our grace once a certain issue has been cleaned and processed. In Process versus having a goal, creates a more authentic approach with ease and self understanding, with out any pressure that a certain event or situation must be healed and completed on such and such a date.

Goals are good, yet it can force us into over drive without stopping, nothing wrong with setting a new intention and a desire, this sets things in motion. Yet having a process or being in process feels more in tune with, allowing your own rhythm and time frame, along with spirit to guide you on your path.

No point in taking a cake out of the oven before it is completely baked. The same goes for the healing of any issues, be it body, mind and our soul. I am not speaking about being stuck or addicted to any type of wound speak or hanging onto baggage or past events, this is not a process. Yet becoming aware of any thing in ones life that needs a make over, is in deed the right process and lane to proceed in.

Where in your life this new day and week would be a blessing for you, to honor a part of your story that you know without a doubt requires more love, more healing?

Can you allow and honor this passage with out fear of losing something even an old habit or way of being that no longer serve?

I say yes to both questions, take the time you need, respect your process, honor your progress and living in the light of awareness and that special peace, that comes from being brave and not living in any self denial, is a loving cause for an energy of soul celebration and positive renewal.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


Welcome To Self Care Mastery

Self Care Mastery 7 Days 7 Lessons With Michael Alaska

7 Days 7 Lessons Presented By Michael

“The power to trust, wait and the ability to listen in silence, is one of the best self care acts one can do, in co/creating and attracting long term peace and abundance”

This new on line coarse with session options in Self Care Mastery, invites you to know yourself well enough to master and navigate all of life’s twists and busy turns, so you can hear your soul tell you STOP, even when you are in ambition over drive and or taking on too much.

The coarse and teachings will ensure that you are always in check and listening to your soul, body and spirit, so that once you hear that voice telling you to stop, slow done, unplug, rethink actions and commitments, then you are in Self Care Mastery.

Self care as is all forms of learning and mastery in based on an openness and true desire to live and reman in a new way, please join me for this new journey in ones evolution with all new teachings, wisdoms and easy to follow daily instructions sent to your E mail in box over 7 Days.

What Clients Say ‘Michaels Online Learning” 

Recent, from more than a few who took Creative Abundance 11 Days,

 “Michael, the teachings, healing, wisdom, your words and the meditations to follow, touched and healed me profoundly, I found myself crying as I was liberated into a new place of living and power, Thank you!!!

Your Online Learning Includes

1, 15+ new teachings based on a spiritual energy healing foundation and practical steps for lasting Self Care Mastery

2, Journey to the center of you and your true self with guided self care healing meditations

3, Written exercises that you can journal with to reflect, heal and master with, long past your coarse is completed

4, A session option to add a wisdom session by phone at end of your coarse complete

5, Coarse start date Sunday July 4, 6, 7 Th for healing sessions, July 8 Th for Day 1 until complete. You will receive one lesson via E mail each day starting from July 8 Th until July 14 Th

6, Cost & Session Options

  1. A) $110 Includes one long distance Reiki healing
  2. B) $188.80 Includes Healing session & 20-minute phone session post coarse complete

Registration Now Open

To reserve your coarse, please send your request to Michael via E mail provided. Please let us know which Coarse Option A or B you are most interested in and best date and time listed above for your healing session pre coarse start date.

Registration closes June 27 2019

I so look forward to welcoming you and sharing in this new Self Care journey, Michael 

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019




Faith In Faith, Faith In Miracles


A miracle is brought onto you through the path way of prayer, it begins there, yet the power of ones faith as in “Faith in Faith” acts as the conduit ,that precedes the arrival of miracles that have been asked for, large or small, they are there, just as your faith is at the center of you.

We can count our blessings, by focusing our energy and mind power to count the blessings not the bills or problems. This does not create denial or feed living in an allusion, yes, we all have problems, yet they all have a spiritual solution.

Faith is a focus I welcome today, as it clears the channel of my soul, spirit speaks in a whisper, build on your faith and your dreams start to unfold in a timely maner that suits who you are in the now, not the past, not the future. Faith in faith, faith in miracles.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019