Welcome To Self Care Mastery

Self Care Mastery 7 Days 7 Lessons With Michael Alaska

7 Days 7 Lessons Presented By Michael

“The power to trust, wait and the ability to listen in silence, is one of the best self care acts one can do, in co/creating and attracting long term peace and abundance”

This new on line coarse with session options in Self Care Mastery, invites you to know yourself well enough to master and navigate all of life’s twists and busy turns, so you can hear your soul tell you STOP, even when you are in ambition over drive and or taking on too much.

The coarse and teachings will ensure that you are always in check and listening to your soul, body and spirit, so that once you hear that voice telling you to stop, slow done, unplug, rethink actions and commitments, then you are in Self Care Mastery.

Self care as is all forms of learning and mastery in based on an openness and true desire to live and reman in a new way, please join me for this new journey in ones evolution with all new teachings, wisdoms and easy to follow daily instructions sent to your E mail in box over 7 Days.

What Clients Say ‘Michaels Online Learning” 

Recent, from more than a few who took Creative Abundance 11 Days,

 “Michael, the teachings, healing, wisdom, your words and the meditations to follow, touched and healed me profoundly, I found myself crying as I was liberated into a new place of living and power, Thank you!!!

Your Online Learning Includes

1, 15+ new teachings based on a spiritual energy healing foundation and practical steps for lasting Self Care Mastery

2, Journey to the center of you and your true self with guided self care healing meditations

3, Written exercises that you can journal with to reflect, heal and master with, long past your coarse is completed

4, A session option to add a wisdom session by phone at end of your coarse complete

5, Coarse start date Sunday July 4, 6, 7 Th for healing sessions, July 8 Th for Day 1 until complete. You will receive one lesson via E mail each day starting from July 8 Th until July 14 Th

6, Cost & Session Options

  1. A) $110 Includes one long distance Reiki healing
  2. B) $188.80 Includes Healing session & 20-minute phone session post coarse complete

Registration Now Open

To reserve your coarse, please send your request to Michael via E mail provided. Please let us know which Coarse Option A or B you are most interested in and best date and time listed above for your healing session pre coarse start date.

Registration closes June 27 2019

I so look forward to welcoming you and sharing in this new Self Care journey, Michael 

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019




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