A Vacation From Worry ahhhh

Time Out

To stand and live in ones power, offers each soul many invitations to take a time out, when life has become to complicated and you need to push the pause button on any issues or concerns for your own self care, sanity and enjoyment beyond worries and over thinking. This pause, allows you to take some much needed breaths, regroup your smarts and energy.

Being awake on the path, we all know that we contribute greatly to co/creating our own reality. Like a good TV series, you are the director seat, in charge of the script, when it comes to how you would like the show to go. A vacation from worry goes as follows, a few key points.

1, Give yourself permission to take that much needed break. A vacation from worry and over trying to control or figure it all out

2, Feed your body but more importantly feed your soul with time, rest, play and peace

3, Pray for the peace if its not coming, your angels and spirit always has your back

4, Let go and let flow….Surrender ….

5, Unplug, say it with me here, I am unplugging from the world and enter into a time of the sacred

6, Relight your joy and humour, see the funny in all things, do not take this life, yourself or any issues too personally, it is not

7, Place here what you know your intuition and soul has been telling you to do, to have more time to truly love yourself and the life you have chosen to create in the now

These are but a few examples, but our mind connected to our soul and intuition is very powerful and all knowing, when we let go of the controls that include thinking we must do it all now or have to have all the answers, we do not, ahhh enjoy your vacation, your soul, body, mind and spirit will thank you.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


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