The Magic & Grace Of Living Simply


Todays wisdom article is from my new on line coarse Self Care For The Empathic Soul 7 Days 7 Lesson, which starts this Monday July 8 Th.

A while ago on my Wisdom Blog I wrote a fun article called ‘Life Without Helmets’ Another Time. Basically, I was pointing out with humour and reminding all of us of another era when we lived with out always being so in touch and readily available to the world and others via social media etc.

There is a lot to be said for living certain ways from the past without all the noise and busyness of modern-day life and communications. Letters took a week or more for one to get an answer and yes, we road our bikes just to ride without gear and special outfits.

I mean really, just think of the drama and stress of trying to get a simple cup of coffey at Star Bucks. I love my Coffey but standing behind someone who is asking out load for 1.000 things they need in their daily java, or the server asking you 1.000 questions can make a person mental or question. Really, do we need all this, lets go grab a Tims coffey instead???

Our world has created this with assuming that having many options and or choices adds to service, yet when I think of it, too much is to much. Has our world gone out of control with offering and over speaking and analyzing every little detail of one’s life?

Less is more and by this I am not saying money or one’s true desires. Less in stuff both in the physical and in one’s mind, when filled with too much of all these choices that most are unnecessary. Just adds to the confusion of too much noise in the energy of our daily life. Cutting out all unnecessary noise or doing, saves and gives you so much more energy to do what you love.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

2 thoughts on “The Magic & Grace Of Living Simply”

  1. Oh my dear Michael,
    You are so needed in this world. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful blog. I feel like I’m enjoying a cup of Tims coffee with you even though I have never been to one.




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