Like The Lotus…

Lotus Of Love & Wisdom

I have a saying when well meaning individuals, be they friends, coworkers or shop keeper’s when asked, how are you? Granted my reply is for the ones that do know me some what, although being the creative bold Leo, at times the reply will go to everyone when asked?

I like to say when asked how are you? “Like the lotus” is my reply, depending on my mood of the day, some days open, some days closed. Most will get my humour with meaning in this. Think of the Lotus who grows in the mud, so refined, elegant in its beauty, welcoming when open.

Our life journey and leaning path to me is like the Lotus, some days we find ourselves in total rhythm with the world, we are open and sharing light and joy we are. Other times, like the totem of bear spirit, we go into our cave, unplug from the world and others to regroup, process, heal and intergrade, we close up shop as I like to say.

Where do you find yourself today? Are you open or are you in need to take some extra time away from all, for some much needed soul reflection with spirit in your sacred space. The outer world is my stage and 5 days a week I do preform well and confident in my role, along with many others in the work force. Lucky for me, I love and enjoy what I do and am invited to bring all parts me to work.

So next time when asked, how is your day? Take a moment and let your true light shine that brilliance like the lotus, opened or closed growing even more.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


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