Reiki Q & A With Michael

Reiki Q & A With Michael


Please enjoy this Reiki Q & A with yours truly done interview style. Most of the questions remain the same, with a few new ones as when this article was first published in 2018.

Though the answers now have been redone with fresh new insights and wisdom from this date of July 2019. As we grow, heal and change, so does the Reiki we practice, grow and evolve, becoming even more powerful, the more we use the Reiki in our everyday lives, the more powerful we become as conduits of the Reiki.

My Thoughts On Healing, Wellness & Energy

I believe we all come to this world to heal and then share the light and grace with our energy with others. Energy is in all things and does hold power and meaning, intuitive wellness and spirit soul wellness, is just as important as taking good care of our bodies and mind. The Reiki in all of its healing wellness and essence does this like no other module that I know of.

How Did You First Get Into Reiki & Why?

Reiki came to me through my oldest sister Diane who is and remains one of the best teachers of Reiki the Usui Method. I was about two years into my recovery this was back around 1989 from many years of self neglect, addictions both drugs and alcohol and the healing of the abuse I incurred as a child and teenager.

The reiki brought me so much needed inner peace and healing beyond talk therapy and supports groups, which helped me a lot. Yet the Reiki was something I could do on my own when the fears and tears set in, and in the early days of my full recovery there were many tears and old fears coming up to heal.

How Healing & Energy Works

Healing is a process and this I have come to learn and know confidently by being the person healing and by being the teacher and trusted guide for others as a healer. Healing is a process that when invited in, we do our part to heal, energy comes to us through healing and our understating that the two are very much connected and the same.

Once healing begins and we allow it, then our view of the world and others shifts to a place of finding more compassion for ourselves, our own healing and others. We follow the energy intuitively that makes us feel good, that’s feels right as does the way we need to heal, each persons journey is not the same, yet we are all on the path desiring the same outcome, a life lived beyond fear, restrictions, lack and self sabotage, this is what healing and living positively can give to us.

What Recommendations For Anyone Wanting To Do Reiki As A Profession?

Big questions, excellent question. I have supported many, wanting to do this for a living with all the wisdom I have gathered in developing and having a thriving successful practice, not without any pit falls or problems I assure you. Yet, if this is a strong pull in you, then I would say this. Go for it and success and having a popular practice is based on quality of what your offering, not the number of clients. This was always true for me when I worked full time as a healer, reader and teacher of Usui Reiki for 17 years.

Do your research, know if you are comfy building a practice which will take a number of years and being a self-employed business professional. This is not for the faint of heart, this requires, courage, belief in self, putting yourself out there, having strong boundaries as clients are clients no friends and believe me when I share this, you will be tested around the money as in people projecting fears and expectations onto you, as in if you are so spiritual then why do you charge? Yes, I had someone say that to me in public, from the very place I was paying them to print my brochures, luckily, I am fast talker and thinker on my feet and had a classy come back and teaching for them.

Create your own practice that feels 100% you, do what I and others have done for years to build a practice, go to local spiritual book stores and events and offer mini session or free talks, do not just rely on a web site and social media, all of my best clients and full workshops came via word of mouth referral built over time, which is the best form of marketing to this day. Take a few courses on how to run and have a prosperous practice as a business, as well learn from your teachers and others who have gone before you.

What Is The Difference, In Person & Long-Distance Healing?

From my way of knowing and I have been teaching and using the Usui Reiki for well over 30 years, there is none and one of my specialties that I am very good at and known for, is being a conduit for the long-distance Reiki.

Also the more you use and practice your Reiki the more powerful it becomes for self and others, you will know and feel the difference between one who uses the Reiki lots and one who does occasionally, it is also dependant on if the person is a natural healer from birth for they may have a grater connection/understanding and belief in the power of healing, Reiki and spirit.

How Many Sessions Should I Have?

This depends on you and what issue you are trying to heal and growing through at any given time in your life. If new to healing and Reiki, start with one session, give it a chance and see how you feel. No one heals or most has immediate visions from one session.

The healer will know as I do what would be the best recommendation to offer to clients coming based on their energy and what’s happening in their life. If one has incurred long term abuse through work addiction and other issues then I would say, start with a series of 3 to 5 sessions with a good healer and open yourself up to the journey.

How Does Learning A Level Of Reiki Help My Own Personal Transformation?

You are giving a powerful yet gentle tool in which will assist you in healing from the inside out. The healing rays and energy from the Reiki can go to places within us and our soul and body via the energy to heal, transform and up lift in a safe and gentle non invading way. Simple yet very effective, as a Buddhist I love this, simple yet effective for all levels of who we are and what we need to heal.

The Reiki introduces us to welcoming in love, peace, joy, truth healing and the ability to transform and know this trough the Reiki and the grace it will bring.

I Would Like To Take The Master Level, Do I Have To Teach?

No, I have taught many who became master’s and Master teachers with level 3 & 4, it was a personal choice on their part and a natural progression in their Reiki journey. The Master symbol has a wonderful way to contribute to our own healing and transformation. Powerful, we grow into mastery, this is what I teach once we become and embrace the master level over time. The teacher teachers what he/she needs to learn and master.

How Do I Book A Session Or Reiki Workshop?

Please get in touch via E Mail or by sending a request via the comment section on this blog, which is only for my viewing when comments come in on my end.

In Closing;

I trust this information has been of use to you and your desire to learn more about healing, wellness and Reiki, and if you have a level of Reiki be it the Holy Fire or Usui method. I hope that these words and wisdom, has perhaps answered some questions for you, and for others new to their healing journey home to self, may you feel the energetic pull to learn and gift yourself a level of Reiki.


Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



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