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I have read professionally for well over 5.000+ individual for corporate, VIP events, groups and personal clients worldwide since 2001. The ability to read and cultivate this talent came with a desire to truly understand this talent and to assist in my own healing process, then came the desire and opportunities to serve others.

May this Q & A give insights, offer a life time of experience, wisdom and an open invitation to allow your intuition to grow to the point of trust, that it is one of our natural resources within that cannot always be explained, and this dear friends is where the magic and miracles begin and expand.

What was your first professional gig as a reader?

I fell into this work by being invited by a now well-known psychic medium who ask me to fill in for her at a fancy corporate gig, her faith in my budding talent to this day, makes me smile and humbles me at times. I was working in the fashion world, TV and film at the time and in between gigs. So, under her encouragement and the practical to pay the rent, this is the true reason I took the job. I gained so much from that event and much to my surprise, had the longest line up out of the other two professional known readers that were also doing readings at this event.

Who has been a positive influence and supporter for you in this field as a reader?

My friend of over 30 years world renowned author and intuitive Colette Baron Reid, showed me the way and cheered me on, thank you Miss Colette, also honing my craft at a local psychic studio for years with the one of a kind successful business woman and great psychic the Lady Chanel. My soul brother Master of the Reiki and healer extraordinaire Jose Leon and my sister Reiki Goddess Diane Jung. I must include the delightful Sylvia Brown whose books and humour was a breath of fresh air to this novice becoming a Master learning his craft, meeting her was a treat.

What type of reader are you?

A very good one, I am a healer first, a reader of energy, the word is clairvoyant, the ability to see, sense and know things. I give each reading/session to spirit as in thy will be done. Acting as a channel, the messenger, bringing through the wisdom that is going to benefit the client. My reading style is to cut to the chase, no nonsense, tell it like it is real, with humour, wisdom, compassion and grace, based on a life of living and learning.

Do you use cards or a divinity deck as they are called?

For years I was the king and proudly so of working with the Animal Wisdom cards by Jami Sam’s as I connect to their message, wisdom, ancestry and healing power. I can bang out a quality reading with out cards of course, yet this took many years of doing readings for others. I love all types of card decks as in divinity cards, tools to assist one to open the psychic channel, receive guidance and connect with the heavenly realms. Learning from the animal totems has great wisdom for all of us.

What is the difference between being psychic and intuitive?

I say none, it’s the word Psychic that conjures up a bad rap and so many negative false projections. Granted a lot of these tacky whoo whoo crystal ball ads on the internet as in find lost love, get your lucky lotto numbers do not help this word or others that are coming from a more let’s say worldly, classy spiritual perspective. Still there is value and wisdom in all types who choose to do this work and really it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and call yourself a reader of any kind.

Most profound reading experience?

This was life changing for me in so many ways, and it assured me without a doubt that heaven and the other side is real, that when we die, our spirit lives on. Years ago, a young gay man was killed in his home, his roommate contacted a friend of mine looking for some one to clear and bless the space as you could understand.

I knew what my job was. I was hesitant to do this as I had never done this work for this type of blessing before but was pulled by spirit to go a head and do. As I did the blessing, I knew this soul that had passed in such a cruel and senseless way wanted to express something, the spirit of this soul.

I did many prayers and encourage this spirit that he was to go to the light, that this was his home now with god and that the act that happened to him and being gay was not his story to carry any burdens, that he was so loved by all who knew him.

It was intense to say the least. I then closed my eyes and literally saw the gates of what I perceive to be heaven, and so much white light, like a movie, his angels and guides came, embraced him, welcomed him home and off he went. He thanked me and passed some messages for me to pass along to his roommate. When I tell this story at times. I still can get goose bumps and feel the grace of his light and the angels. Profound and real to say the least.

What do you love most about readings?

Helping, assuring and validating others. I see my job as to pass along wisdom, empowering others, yet the best part is to offer clarity that we as humans can be to close to our own stories, that we can block the blessings trying to get through to us. Reminding clients just how wonderful and powerful each of us are.

What is your least favorite thing about doing readings or questions?

I say this with grace as I have a clear understanding of how the human psyche works, it would be the resistance that I can feel from a client, if there is too much then I will not read them, as its like cutting through unnecessary stone, one needs to be fairly open to enjoy and benefit from receiving a reading, by letting go of the controls. Least favorite questions and I do not get them any more thank god are. When am I going to die or can you give me the lucky lotto numbers? Honey if I could do that, I would not be sitting here, usually this would be asked when doing an office party after to many cocktails, the clients not me.

How does one have the best reading experience?

By being open, by surrendering all expectations, try your best not be nervous. I always recommend the client take some quiet time and if they pray or meditate, do this and ask their own soul and guides to assist with bringing forth the most beneficial wisdom and insights for their highest good. To bring a sense of humour to the reading table, let go and receive.

Any advice for those wanting to do this work professionally?

I have taught seminars and classes on this both for groups and one on one. It would be a strong desire and pull from your soul to become a reader either by choice, a calling or like myself the reluctant reader. Have a good daily spiritual practice that includes prayer and meditation as well learn a level of Reiki. Will help in clearing yet understanding how energy works.

For most it is a calling, something that you must do. Develop healthy boundaries as is knowing that clients are clients and not friends. If your doing this as a profession, then treat as such. Know your worth and charge appropriately for the level of skill you are at.

Cultivate your talent, find a good mentor and teacher to show you the way. Offer your way of readings with your own flavor and style, learn from those who have gone before you, again find the way the suits you best as a reader.

The teacher teaches’ others what he/she needs to learn and master. You do not have to be perfect to do this work, but a love of service and people while not comparing yourself to others will provide the path for you. Stay out of ego, maintain a good sense of humour and remember it is spirit who doeth the work. Have discernment at the reading table regarding the info you may share with the power of words. I applaud your grace and courage to put yourself out there, shine and let spirit, your guides and angels show you the way.

Michael @ Wisdom Blog 2019






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