Being Blessed, Give What You Seek

Blessings In Grace

This summer I have been re reading spiritual classics that offer profound wisdom and actually makes me feel like I am walking on my path with a stronger connection to spirit, my true soul self and my love of spiritual wisdom, practical tools that empower us on our life quest.

So, thank you Marianne Williamson for the Return To Love and The Gift Of Change which is where todays Wisdom Blog Article has been inspired from. My prayers are with her, as she has now placed herself to be one of the up coming U.S.A. 20/20 hopefuls for president, she has got my vote and may spirit bless her to victory.

“Remember that in any situation, only what you are not giving can be lacking” This wisdom quote blew me away in the realization of yes, this is to be true over and over again. Putting it into practice in my work week as follows. I used this to create prosperous increase by sharing, giving and spending a little more money on myself.

I did this at my day job with acceptance to others whom I had been judging, grace came and this antidote would be a good practice no matter the situation. These spiritual wisdoms are not implying that we become door matts or not process emotions and vibes that need healing.

They are an invitation to increase that spiritual power in your soul, that you continue to walk in the light being a true master of the change you would like to see and be a part of. It works if ya work it, is a wise trusted saying and it truly does.

Be blessed…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



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