Navigating Change With Intuition…


Intuition; the souls inner GPS compass, that can speak, prompt and show us the way through all of our senses. When one is attuned to their intuition by cultivating this talent, then the changes that are with us or unfolding may be of no surprise.

So how does one truly navigate change? Are all changes meant to be and sparked by divine timing? Are they here to heal us? Can change be brought on by one’s inability to slow down and move with the pace of guidance rather than self will?

These are all very good questions worthy of some self reflection. My answer to most as with all occurrences that reveal themselves to us daily, would be all change can be viewed as a gift through one’s perception. Just remember you rule your destiny, intuition is here to help you along with spirit in the creation of positive lasting change.

Some changes are brought upon us by invitation, others are from our own desires and can be viewed as answered prayers. This does not always guarantee smooth sailing, yet when one has journeyed enough along the spiritual path, you will use all of your tools and the grace of a trusted intuition to assist with navigating all change.

As with all healing and wisdom gained through living life and not avoiding it, it is a process that when invited in with right mind and heart, the blessings will appear over time or as if in a magical instant.

Let the voice of intuition be your guide and compass through all change, try not to judge or control the process to much and as we know, intuition is not based on logic but an inner knowing that may not show us in an instant its profound gifts or divine reasoning. This is where trust in one’s faith and connection to spirit can make all the difference within each change.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



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