The Importance of Health, The Spiritual, Emotional & Physical

Wellness Now, Body, Mind, Spirit

Having just gone through a month of health wellness challenges both the physical and the emotional, has made me realize, just how important each part of our wellness must include our body as well as our spirit, and to be done and paid attention to on a weekly and daily bases.

I have no problem tapping into spirit and my spiritual wellness practice which is daily. This to me is like breathing and I have worked at this most of this lifetime, teaching others about healing and spirit only grew my connection and beliefs in the spiritual and what we cannot always see.

As I mature in age, wisdom, life experiences and body, certain eating habits or over doing such as work and other over doing habits or self neglect, can no longer wait on the back burner that we can get lost in. I say this not out of any type of not understanding how us service orientated and givers of the world operate, but out of a newfound wisdom and self respect.

Ask your Body?

Ask your soul?

Ask your heart?

Ask your desires and ambitions?

Ask your spirit?

Ask your energy?

Ask God, Buddha, Spirit, Your Angels?

Ask away for each of the ones written above? By this we are asking each part what is it that you/we/I need at this time, now when you ask, listen then follow, and yes even if it says to cancel some work projects, clients, family gatherings, you must follow and respect whom and each part of you that you have asked. This is where true healthy self esteem and power arises from.

The answers come, we may forget at times that our own humanness and spiritual evolution, needs time to intergrade, heal and grow. It is not spiritual or compassion to neglect yourself on any level. This can become a habit that has negative pay offs over time, with no rewards or outside acknowledgments.

Rarely is the People Pleaser the first one to know that they need to unhook from all enmeshment and over giving. The receivers of your over giving may not appreciate your newfound awake-ness, but your soul and spirit will shine in a renewed health, boundaries, body, mind and spirit.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


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