Emotional Freedom…

Emotional Freedom

What Does Emotional Freedom Mean To You???

Welcome to a new week at Wisdom Blog

Most times these days, when the urge to write a new article comes, the words come right onto this page, editing as we go along and sometimes it takes a few reviews to edit my words.

The Eagle spirit totem means so much to my heart and way of living, it is one of my power totems. Eagle represents freedom, flying free unencumbered by the problems of the world, it is our true connection to spirit, god the divine, as Eagles fly closest to the sun and the heavens. Eagles message is always to give yourself permission to follow the joys of your heart.

We can spend our whole lives and waking days in the false drudgery of thinking we do not have a choice, or the power to allow ourselves to be free to follow our hearts, When your living in emotional freedom, your energy field radiates lightness, ease, joy and creative flow.

Today I choose to welcome and breathe in Emotional Freedom which means, no obsessing, no over thinking, staying fully in this moment of the now in gratitude, counting my blessings and not what is missing or a desire.

The ability to be honest with ones self, to grow into your spiritual maturity in wisdom, grace, love and gratitude, to walk ones talk and now taking action from discernment and intuition is freeing on many levels.

Emotional Freedom, the call from within and you know your living it when a quiet contentment fills your heart, your mind and your body, this to me is what peace and flying free with Eagles feels like.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


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