Courage, Setting Boundaries & Living With Joy

Setting Healthy Boundaries

“Are you presently receiving guidance to take action in any way? Name that action and write down what your response is – particularly if you are deliberately creating a path of postponement” From Caroline Myss on Courage 

Todays wisdom blog; could be called a mixing bowl of many blessings as the title says Courage, Boundaries and living with more Joy. My reasoning and way of thinking why we could use all three types of emotions and spiritual wisdom is in the following.

Courage; in order to create any lasting positive change and to have a new way of living and even viewing the world and our circumstances, it  takes a willingness to go beyond what we may perceive or wish what was not happening, rather than to ask Courage that lives within us, to kick start what needs to happen in the now and this includes acts of verbal expression, that may have been pushed back do to fear of up setting the apple cart of ones life and other people.

Boundaries; I would say, in order to set boundaries and speak ones truth not from blame of resentment, does take some courage, can be hard especially for the unhealed people pleasers amongst us and god bless you if you still are. It may feel weird to set a boundary, as it can at times create some fall out and energetic resistance one feels from where you are setting the boundary, yet all good roads of wisdom start fresh from here and grow forward in grace.

Joy; is the natural outcome of following your true hearts desire and living your expressiveness without any apologies or worries of what others may think, joy is the power to call on from spirit, to infuse your spiritual practice with, when too many triggers or new healing awernesses have arrived and you may have forgotten, that there is more to life than always being in a process or taking this life and ones journey way to personally. Joy the natural out come from living with more courage and setting healthy boundaries, that raises ones vibration into greater self respect and loving compassion with kidness for all, and this includes you.

Michael @ Now Wisdom Blog 2019





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