Thanksgiving Grace…


A Blessing

“A Preparation Statement For The Day”

Today, Spirit, I desire Buddha love, Self love to be with me, to observe with love and to execute my task with love and to know that all I bring to this beautiful planet is of value…I am grateful for my co/creation with you and the knowingness of your strength and courage within me is enough…I connect my body and I anchor with you and all is effortless flow and flow becomes love!!! With great great Gratitude thank you thank you thank you!!!!

The above blessing came to me from my dear soul sister in Toronto, Style Goddess Pamela whom I have known for well over 20 years or so, we met working on set for the TV show Due South and connected through our love of good style, spirit and creativity.

I love the idea of committing to having a daily preparation statement, this one, touched my heart and I find myself reading it over and over throughout the day. One does benefit greatly each day no matter the challenges or the blessings, to remain connected to soul and spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

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