No, To Playing Small

Standing Tall

Rise Up To Your Greatness 

In this life, the saying goes we create our own reality. I am not sure who coined this statement, but it gets used a lot and perhaps at times to much, without digging a little deeper.

Certain things will happen to us in this life that were not planned by us, they just happened. So, I do not believe we intentionally would create a nightmare to live. The saying is there to remind us, that we can redirect our thoughts and our energies else where, when we find ourselves perhaps, oh lets say, over thinking a tiny slight from another making it bigger than it is, this would be from the unhealed inner sabotage guy or girl.

Playing small or reverting back to old behaviours that do not empower or feed your soul, your greatness to stand tall and shine, does no one any good, even the one person standing in front of you that you would rather avoid a confrontation with or seeing.

Rise up, the time is now, and it is later than we may think to be bold in the driver’s seat of our life. I am reminded of that wonderful Marianne Williams quote, that speaks of our greatness, that we fear our greatness and fabulous light more than the shadow.

We always have a choice, may todays choices lead to even greener pastures where we live in our grace, our shared smarts and creativity, that can bloom under the light of daily inspiration and not be afraid to shine in the face of any giant, real or imagined past or present, the giant or scary monster being the ego that would tell us to stay low to the ground and not shine, and now we say No, To Playing Small.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


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