A Memoir Of Stories, Adventures & Writings…

Write Memoir

It’s amazing, but this past year I have been seeing, feeling and reviewing visual and messages from my past, yes that past, all the way back there into my childhood. Am I finally in a place in my life? That I have a desire to share them from this place, of being a wise 60-year-old life traveller and spiritual adventurer?

Yes it is time and it does not get any more clear, when I am sitting across the room from my desk and computer, and I think to myself what shall we do today, and a few moments before and daily I hear “Write The Book” oh you mean that best seller, then my computer screen opens up to a blank page on word, hello, message received.

It has taken me many years to even want to do a book, look back and tell my story, but I trust the timing and mostly I trust that inner voice that speaks to me and I hear, which is always spirit lead and it feels good to look back and not in anger, fear, shame or hurt. That the whole package was not one big horror show, there were so many high lights and success and dreams come true along the way, amongst all needed healing and experiences.

So today, is your story and I mean all of it, filled with wisdom earned or only the bad parts that hurt and wounded you? And if it is, are you ready to write a new story? I know I am, only this time I get to turn the pages in positive reflection and say what really happened, that has made me the man who has come to know grace in my life this day.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


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