The Wisdom, Healing, Messages Of Animal Totems

Hummingbird Medicine

In my line of work as a healer, spiritual teacher and mostly when I did in person readings full time for a wide variety of companies, bookstores, events and one on one private sessions. All clients enjoyed sitting at my reading table, receiving a sage blessing, validation and extra wisdom and healing advice from my Animal cards or Animal totem Spirit cards as I like to refer to them.

The animals have much to teach and share with us, on my own healing journey and spiritual becoming, it was my connection with the animals since being a young lad raised in the backwoods, with strong roots in the Native community, Irish, Jewish and French culture.

Where the healing ways of old and the ability to work with animal medicine or totems if you will, was a natural way of living and believing beyond the vale of what is in front of you. Powerful, healing and certainly helped me many times in my life, this includes when needed Bear Spirit protection out in the big city streets, where gay people, the two spirited were not always welcomed or safe in certain places and areas, so thank you bear for always looking out for me.

It was a wonderful African psychic name Lucy who once read for me, who was delighted to report to me within the reading, that I had the ability to communicate with the animals and they with me. She was so right, as a lot of my youth when not running around getting into some form of rebellious trouble. I was up in the woods, just sitting and talking to the wildlife that filled the wide-open spaces and they speaking to me.

To this day, each morning, I pull a few totem animal spirit cards to see who is walking with me today, what healing, learning or issues needs fine tuning and addressing as well as what blessings are coming up the pathway. I could go into a more In-depth translation, but I will share a few Animal totems and their meaning listed below.

They are all around us and we do not need to go deep in the woods to receive a message, it can come from a city crow to an ant passing in front of you while enjoying your Starbucks.

Wolf Totem

Eagle; Taking flight, following the joys of your heart, not bound or closed in, the Eagle is always a sign of great spirit and one’s connection to spirit and the heavens, powerful totem and fortuitous omen indeed

Bear; The mother energy, powerful healer and protector, reminding us at times to go inward, to be in the cave of healing and solitude

Turtle; Patience and like the story goes slow and steady wins the race and turtles shell protects and they can give a warning snap and slap if need be

Ant; The totem of patience, faith and trust, that your good is EnRoute to you if you do not see it in the now, the ant message is always one of victory when patience, strategy and faith are put into the mix

Owl; The wisdom of clairvoyance, psychic ability, like attracts like and if you look around your life you will see others who have this ability as you do who are close to you, seeing clearly, never being fooled but the visible, lightning up our blind side to see truth in all situations and forms

Armadillo; Love this one, the totem of Boundaries, its shield on its back and protects its under belly that is soft and tender, setting one’s boundaries, call on this one when your feeling overwhelmed by other people’s energies

Lady Bug; In Feng Shui we call her the totem of luck and good fortune, never ever kill these littles ones like ants and beetles, if they are around and you would like them gone, simple say a prayer and send them the message that they have 48 hours or other time to find a new home, I love when Lady Bug lands on my hand or shoulder

Crow; The shape shifter, bringing and intergrading past, present in future into the now. The black birds in native culture are considered the lucky ones not dark forces like the movies portray, they are magical, very smart and a tad mischievous, which only adds to their allure

May all the animal totems and messengers bless you with healing, guidance and positive validation as we call on them and learn to walk in balance, we are here to assist them as well with our light, prayers, respect and gratitude…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019



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