The Prospering Power Of Release

Release Power

The steps that involve releasing anything that no longer serves. When your time has come to sit in the sun and start co/creating and attracting what you truly desire for your life in the now, based on who you are in the present. I have listed below the emotions as well as the bliss that will come when one lets go and let flow with spirit

Change is rarely a surprise, usually you would have been given one or numerous heads up as spirit told me two months ago, prepare for change. We can resist, put on back burner until something happens to escalate and inspire you to take the steps you need to take.

1, Denial of what intuition has been telling you

2, Fear of change, resistance to the change

3, Grieve the old so the new can be born

4, Pray like there is no tomorrow

5, Know when your time has come, invest in faith not fear

6, Be willing to forgive

7, You are worthy

8, Trust in spirits plan to show you the way with intuition, step by step

As a wise Master and dear friend said to me of late, when I shared how a recent needed change came down, his words are perfect as it all unfolded rather intense and not how I thought it would, yet on the other side when the dust settled bliss, absolute calm and assurance, though I had to work through all of the steps. Yes, Gods dynamite is powerful in all of his and her grace to get you awake, to know the time has come to release what no longer serves, as we must make room for our new good.

Be blessed on your path of becoming and awaking your true hearts desire, allow spirit to guide you into the landscape of your dreams come true, yet more importantly, you did it, even when fear and resistance tried to stand in your way, the prospering power of release brought on by intuition in alignment with spirit, created new opportunities for you to shine and breathe in a new life force that is called faith in action.

Michael @ New Wisdom New Blog 2019

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