This Quote Says It All, Yes…

“Do not be afraid to start over again, this time, you are not starting from scratch, you are starting from experience”

I came across the above quote on Linkedin, posted from an ex colleague of mine, who worked in luxury retail with me a few years back. I love this quote and the impact of the teaching and shared inspiration that it is providing me this day. So many times in life, depending how you like to roll with the times and navigate change, we are invited and at times to let go and walk a new path, be it by force or by choice.

When is enough is enough? Only your soul can answer that question, know yourself well, then the pathway to all creative change and new beginnings act as an adventure rather than a trying night mare. I speak from vast experience, having lived and passed through many changes self created and at times not.

Integrity sits at the center of my new change. That ones “integrity, needs to be non negotiable” regardless of what’s sits in your bank account, as well as this saying, “there is no substitute for the truth” I love that one as well, passed to me by one of my best clients, who was a big deal in the business world.

One needs integrity, the grace of spirit, courage and the ability to stay 100% in the land of the now while going from one adventure to the next.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

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