Do You See What I See…

Emotional Freedom

I believe the title of this weeks new wisdom article, may have come from a Xmas song. Do you see what I see? Depending on your story and how you are wired as in 100% intuitive, empathic and able to read energy while staying grounded in your body and this world, then we may share the same vision, both to see within and on the outside of the things, beyond what is visible.

The ability to read sitatuons, people and the vibe in any room is not meant to crush or hurt one emtionaly. It is a call to a level of intuitive skill to master, to know, to see, to feel and yet remain in this world with an open heart, an open mind and the power of forgiveness and compassion. It is to walk in balance connected to spirit and love, a task not always easy or for the faint of heart, like the spiritual path.

Do we as empaths need to carry the energetic burdnes of others, is it our do to expose un truths at every turn? No it is not, comparing or judging ourselves does no good to ignite that free Eagle within you, who can see for miles and what’s coming down the road up a head, just ensure your inner radar is set on spirit, healing and love, and not the repeat dial of old wounds and triggers of projections to knock you off your mark, if they are, then welcome the opportunity to go deeper and heal with love.

Do you see what I see? A world gone mad at times, yet the beauty and grace that is there and meant for all of us to contribute to bringing even more light and love, just by being you, by living the light, without trying to convince or convert another.

Do you listen to that wise calm voice within and follow guidance? Even if you know it will take some navigating to get the job done or to have that uncomfortable conversation? If you do with faith in faith and trust in the power of the unseen lead by spirit, then you open up to a field of miracles and infinite possibilities. Life is not always a straight line.

Do you respect the whole seeing package that is you? In all of your inner wisdom that can see beyond what’s psychically in front of you? Then this is the only validation you need.

Do you see what I see, infinite grace beyond all illusion and pain, that may try to take you off your mark, yet with certainty of puprose and a solid conviction in creating a new story, one that inspires and promotes all that you are and see, then like the Eagle, fly high and enjoy the view and the travels as spirits plan unfolds.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019




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