Welcoming In The New Year 2020, 3 Simple Steps…

2020 Dreams Come True

I love the dawn of the new year approaching, I love all new years celebrations more than Christmas, this includes my love of celebrating this new year 2020 and the Chinese new year that will arrive in January,

Any chance to Feng Shui and supper clean as in out with the old and in with the new, I am there. I keep my space and life always clean and clear of all clutter, both within and on the outside. For when the run way of your life is open with space for the new, then the generous universe has a space to put your blessings.

Happy fabulous new year one and all and for those who follow my Wisdom Blog and leave appreciative comments, thank you!!!. So how does one welcome in the new as in co/creating a new story for ones life and ones 2020 intentions. Three simple steps.

Step 1

What are you grateful for in the now?

Step 2

What did you commit to this past year to heal, release and move on with in your life, progress on your healing journey that your proud of, be it a baby step or giant leap in faith?

Step 3

I welcome in the new, what are you desiring? What would you really love to experince for yourself and others and this goes beyond the material or career ambitions and these are perfectly fine and blessed to have, list what you full on desire, not what you think you can allow or have, be bold, be grateful and surrender all to spirit and allow Spirit, God, Buddha to run the show and bring the blessings with your name on them.

May 2020 bring forth the blessings as you stand in your full power, allowing the best of the best beyond any old stories that no longer serve, I believe in your light and greatness and this includes my own, Happy New Year.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020




A Good Feng Shui Christmas…

Feng Shui Flow Xmas


Creating and maintaining good flow Feng Shui is always in season and style

It starts with you, how do you like to live, what type of energy do you need and desire to be within you and in your home? Which is our sacred space to rejuvenate and regroup away from the world and others.

Our sacred space offers us a restful place to create, to pray, to heal and to just stretch out and feel the essence of all parts of us connected to spirit, our soul, our unseen guiding heavenly helpers, lifting us way up into our rightful place of wisdom, trusted intuition and gratitude.

Day by day; the more we live in this sacred place of good Feng Shui both inner and outer, then this becomes our home, the home that makes us feel good, makes us feel 100% safe, loved and surrounded by the faith and light of a life lived with prayer, gratitude, creative expression, service and faith.

A blessed Christmas one and all, keep the pace in flow, slow down when you need an extra breath amongst busy holiday energies out in the world, love your good Feng Shui which is your inner light of positive balance and peace.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

A Field Of Grace…


The Light Of Grace

Grace is a felt energy, that brings in an extra quiet calm, that comes into your being, usually it will be the result of your working through issues or moving past a dark night of the soul. To be clear, there are all types and versions of a dark night, the dark night can be an emotional struggle, a spiritual crisis that one had to travel through to know peace, to feel and know the grace of spirit within you and coming through your very essence, Grace.

Grace in all forms finds its heavenly inner and out light through the channels of healing, prayers, meditation and one’s faith in faith and one’s faith in self to know spirit more deeply beyond petitioning prayers. You know your in a field grace when all worldly concerns no longer hold or keep you in the cycle of attachment.

Grace like prayer and gratitude is an energy and I believe is a gift, the results of your staying the coarse through the rocky terrain of healing, over coming what needed to be over come, grace is the path home to self, that lives within you and is blessed to you from spirit, Grace, welcome home.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

Awareness Is Key…


When listening to awareness, your being awake to new ideas, new teachings and if you are involved and participating in a new life adventure and learning. Then allowing your intuition to deliver new insights that are going to enhance your path and practice, creates even more awareness beyond self.

The thread of life is always about staying connected to the now, to the teachings that come to us each day at every moment. Being aware with out over thinking of how your energy and thoughts is projected outward, creates more balance and an inner acceptance, that guides your steps, awake and aware, that you are not who you were yesterday, as energy and you change moment to moment, idea to idea and each new awareness.

This new month of December, that kicks off the Christmas and Holiday season world wide. Create traditions that feel organically you in the now awareness of loving and welcoming each part of you, to shine front and center, in the grace of acceptance and if you are working towards an inner and outer goal or desire, let awareness be your guide to your fulfillment of inner peace and creative abundance, backed by gratitude, then share this awareness through all parts of you.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019