Awareness Is Key…


When listening to awareness, your being awake to new ideas, new teachings and if you are involved and participating in a new life adventure and learning. Then allowing your intuition to deliver new insights that are going to enhance your path and practice, creates even more awareness beyond self.

The thread of life is always about staying connected to the now, to the teachings that come to us each day at every moment. Being aware with out over thinking of how your energy and thoughts is projected outward, creates more balance and an inner acceptance, that guides your steps, awake and aware, that you are not who you were yesterday, as energy and you change moment to moment, idea to idea and each new awareness.

This new month of December, that kicks off the Christmas and Holiday season world wide. Create traditions that feel organically you in the now awareness of loving and welcoming each part of you, to shine front and center, in the grace of acceptance and if you are working towards an inner and outer goal or desire, let awareness be your guide to your fulfillment of inner peace and creative abundance, backed by gratitude, then share this awareness through all parts of you.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019


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