A Field Of Grace…


The Light Of Grace

Grace is a felt energy, that brings in an extra quiet calm, that comes into your being, usually it will be the result of your working through issues or moving past a dark night of the soul. To be clear, there are all types and versions of a dark night, the dark night can be an emotional struggle, a spiritual crisis that one had to travel through to know peace, to feel and know the grace of spirit within you and coming through your very essence, Grace.

Grace in all forms finds its heavenly inner and out light through the channels of healing, prayers, meditation and one’s faith in faith and one’s faith in self to know spirit more deeply beyond petitioning prayers. You know your in a field grace when all worldly concerns no longer hold or keep you in the cycle of attachment.

Grace like prayer and gratitude is an energy and I believe is a gift, the results of your staying the coarse through the rocky terrain of healing, over coming what needed to be over come, grace is the path home to self, that lives within you and is blessed to you from spirit, Grace, welcome home.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

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