A Good Feng Shui Christmas…

Feng Shui Flow Xmas


Creating and maintaining good flow Feng Shui is always in season and style

It starts with you, how do you like to live, what type of energy do you need and desire to be within you and in your home? Which is our sacred space to rejuvenate and regroup away from the world and others.

Our sacred space offers us a restful place to create, to pray, to heal and to just stretch out and feel the essence of all parts of us connected to spirit, our soul, our unseen guiding heavenly helpers, lifting us way up into our rightful place of wisdom, trusted intuition and gratitude.

Day by day; the more we live in this sacred place of good Feng Shui both inner and outer, then this becomes our home, the home that makes us feel good, makes us feel 100% safe, loved and surrounded by the faith and light of a life lived with prayer, gratitude, creative expression, service and faith.

A blessed Christmas one and all, keep the pace in flow, slow down when you need an extra breath amongst busy holiday energies out in the world, love your good Feng Shui which is your inner light of positive balance and peace.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2019

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