Intuitive Hits, Who Are You Listening To?


Having read for thousands of clients as well as teaching others how to develop and trust ones intuition and Usui Reiki classes. Leads me to feel very confident in the world of the unseen, following guidance and how the whole grace of intuition works.

I would teach clients and students, in order to have an intuition that your not afraid to hear the whole truth from and how to decode intuitive hits and messages, does take some training, as in developing a relationship with your inner soul self, so that it is normal, as in ones sixth sense needs to be ones first sense and a natural everyday occurrence.

The Basics In Intuition 101 “Decoding Information”

When receiving guidance that you are not sure of, as in asking yourself once you receive guidance or an intuitive hit, is this really for me and is it true? We must heal our self sabotage and phobias around knowing stuff that cannot be explained, to become a truly gifted and talented channel of having a trusted intuition. So when you are not sure, ask your self these three things?

1, Is this the wisdom of truth from my soul self and spirit?

2, Is this a future or past event energy that I am reading about another? Why are you telling me this?

3, Is this the voice of truth, sabotage or wishful thinking?

Sharing the above truths with others, both out in the world and in spiritual classes have made all the positive difference for people. When I share this, its like a lights goes on and I can feel a sigh of relief as the one hearing this usual goes, wow, this makes so much sense.

How do I know this stuff you may ask? Through trial and errors in my own life, at times wishful thinking or trying to pray an intuitive hit away, does nothing for our own inner power source or the development of having a tusted intuition. “I would rather cry tears of knowing than denial” to quote a wise grandmother, hmmm yup.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020


Waiting, Grace & Creating…


Waiting, Creating With Grace

As a doer, an action oriented creative soul, a co/creator with spirit, the concept and energy of Waiting and Patience as in let go and let flow, is a new power and form of Grace that I have been adopting and bringing into my life of late, guided by spirit.

The challenge of Waiting instead of always Creating, is about the process. We as co/creators need to understand and embrace all parts of manifesting and doing. There is power in waiting and having patience to see your dreams and intentions manifest in the right time.

How we choose to fill up our minds, hearts and spirit while in the process of waiting from creating, will make all the difference in ones inner place of peace, which comes from, when we have done all we can and are guided by our prayers, spirit and intention to Wait, then that in itself is the action and the plan.

As spirit spoke to me today, Waiting is a form of Grace, patience and cultivating is a form of Mastery, being open to follow the direction that your soul is guiding you to do, is another from of choice. Choosing to go against the current of your life flow and desires, no matter how and when the form will take place, does not serve one’s best interest and energy.

So just for today, I embrace the Grace that comes from Waiting, the joy that comes from creating, put all together in the mix, then the out come brings more than ones desires and intentions, it brings you to another place of soul development and mastery, and is this not all part of the game of life and why we are hear.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Letter(s) To God…

Letter To God

Writing a letter or letters to God, Spirit, Buddha or whom ever you pray to, believe in or are comfortable calling by a certain name, is a practice that I have used at different times in my life. I am self sufficient in my medicine and prayer practice in how to achieve, take action, follow guidance, manifest and heal a particular demonstration.

Yet at times; after we have done all we can in regards to a desire, problem or situation, then it is time to surrender and if your so inclined as I was today. Then with pen in hand and paper, write it all out, what ever it is you are desiring or having been working on or through and that your done with.

I always start with Dear God, then With Gratitude I ask that you take all that is written here. Say what needs to be said, give thanks, surrender it to the divine, all of it, does not matter how you say it, then place in a special place and leave it and forget about it. Mine will sit behind or under my Buddha. No muss no fuss and I was led to do this today for 3 situations and manifestations. Yes, so a total of 3 letters, while taking a break in between to buy some delicious sweets at local bakery.

Most times; as it has been proven to me over time and the power of the written word, when I look back in my journal where I write daily, looking at any of my co/creating wish list, I will find they all came to pass, anything from solving a problem, a healing intention, manifesting new wardrobe, home décor, to attracting a better paying job.

So being that today is Sunday January 19, 2020 in this new decade. Do you have a special prayer petition that needs the hand of the one whom is all powerful beyond what ever we could do on our own? Then dear friends, give it a shot. I know that I now feel a sense of peace/completion as I have done all I can, my part with feet on prayers, now we let go, let flow and allow the blessings to materialize in spirits timing.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020


Rebirth Versus Re-Denial…

“Travel light, flow into Rebirth”

Rebirth happens to us in many different stages as we travel along our spiritual awareness and healing path. Why would we not have constant Rebirth, just as plants and flowers in our garden or home, have a way to bloom bright and full, then take a resting rejuve period, which may look like the plants have packed it in, yet most times with care and at times being left to do their own thing, vola Rebirth.

We as humans have a similar capacity to flow into and welcome our constant rebirths, for myself at this stage in my life and journey, I welcome it. For its means the new and I love the new, especially if parts of the old, be it wisdom, certain thoughts or patterns no longer serve, then bring on the rebirth, for like the plants, you too will bloom and shine even better in soul renewal and fulfillment.

If you have been diligently doing your soul work with prayer, healing and positive change, then of coarse the birth will happen. The only blessing, as the old saying goes that offers any type of wisdom to remain in a denial, goes as follows. If you ripped the blanket off all at once, of one who is freezing, then the shock of this would hurt. Denial coming off at times belongs in small baby steps, yet the brave warrior will go, rip it off and let me have the courage to see the folly of my actions or where I am missing the mark and need to heal, period.

2020 offers us an invitation for Rebirth and Renewal. Allow all of those seeds of inspiration and healing that have been planted and nurtured over time, to now bloom in the light and wisdom of your journey. My own healing and wisdom services that I offer others, now reflect a rebirth to better serve in keeping with the times and energy we live in. Rebirth or Re-denial, the choice is yours, choose the light and steps that elevate your path in the new.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Michael 2020 Play More…


Play More
“In 2020 I will Play More”

My new years intention, one of them was to play more, to get out of my wolf track as in my comfort zone and play more, to go and do the things I use to do for complete fun and pleasure, one of those was in line skating, down hill skiing, swimming and dancing.

I was the king of the big city va va voom roller blades on wheels, wiping around my city for years and this includes, a Saturday afternoon disco skating in central park New York, you had to be good to go into the circle, no messing around.

Yesterday; I took myself to our local arena to skate on my annual January vacation, I love this time of year and love my staycations as they call them. I rented a pair of skates, was more than little nervous at first, as its been years since I ice skated as well as in line skated. I was so excited, it was more welcoming anticipation than fear, but more than any thing, proud that I actually went and did what I said I would.

As soon as I hit the ice and herd the fabulous ABBA music playing over the speakers. I was thrilled, cautious and ready to glide. It took a good 35 minutes before I felt comfy enough to take out my phone and do a few videos to send people.

So I call these videos Michael Go Play 2020 (Videos Coming Soon) and so should you, your inner child and ex in your fantasy Olympic figure skating star on ice will thank you. Next up, skiing and going to the an afternoon movie out and about. So what’s on your intention list beyond career dreams, romance, money and ambition, place PLAY at the top of the list and as the saying goes, just do it!!!!

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog Playing 2020

Energy Dynamics


I will forever be grateful for the brilliant and always helpful wisdom that comes from renowned spiritual teacher and author Caroline Myss, for the following words “Energy is in all things”, we are now an energy culture and to deny this is just not flowing with the times.

Its been proven over and over again, think of the energy we place behind our words or thoughts, they maybe coming out classy and kind, yet if the vibe within us is not matching those kind words, then the effect is not as we intended.

Being truthful with our selves comes from awareness, energy dynamics can be felt in the global changes, in the cosmic energy that comes from a full moon. So how does one adapt and flow, with the always changing energy field within us and outside of us in the everyday environment.

For myself; the best assurance is through having a consistent and committed daily practice that includes prayer and self Reiki. This keeps me grounded and awake to the current flows of energy. Learning how to navigate through energy dynamics takes some time, skill, desire and connection to spirit and your souls’ wisdom and grace.

Even if you’re not a full-on empath or highly attuned soul to understanding how energy works, heals and is felt. One only needs to see and know where they feel best through out the day, it will be from the places you buy your Coffey to certain folks you work along side with, some you are always glad to see and others, your inner self goes, see ya later and heads the other way.

What energy would you like to feel more of? Is it the vibration of joy, the essence of healing, spirits grace, inner confidence, boundaries that become wise shields, so you do not get knocked off your mark in every day life. The force of light and love is with you, we only need to open up and welcome this energy in, as we flow through the ever-changing energy dynamic’s we live in.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020