Energy Dynamics


I will forever be grateful for the brilliant and always helpful wisdom that comes from renowned spiritual teacher and author Caroline Myss, for the following words “Energy is in all things”, we are now an energy culture and to deny this is just not flowing with the times.

Its been proven over and over again, think of the energy we place behind our words or thoughts, they maybe coming out classy and kind, yet if the vibe within us is not matching those kind words, then the effect is not as we intended.

Being truthful with our selves comes from awareness, energy dynamics can be felt in the global changes, in the cosmic energy that comes from a full moon. So how does one adapt and flow, with the always changing energy field within us and outside of us in the everyday environment.

For myself; the best assurance is through having a consistent and committed daily practice that includes prayer and self Reiki. This keeps me grounded and awake to the current flows of energy. Learning how to navigate through energy dynamics takes some time, skill, desire and connection to spirit and your souls’ wisdom and grace.

Even if you’re not a full-on empath or highly attuned soul to understanding how energy works, heals and is felt. One only needs to see and know where they feel best through out the day, it will be from the places you buy your Coffey to certain folks you work along side with, some you are always glad to see and others, your inner self goes, see ya later and heads the other way.

What energy would you like to feel more of? Is it the vibration of joy, the essence of healing, spirits grace, inner confidence, boundaries that become wise shields, so you do not get knocked off your mark in every day life. The force of light and love is with you, we only need to open up and welcome this energy in, as we flow through the ever-changing energy dynamic’s we live in.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020


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