Michael 2020 Play More…


Play More
“In 2020 I will Play More”

My new years intention, one of them was to play more, to get out of my wolf track as in my comfort zone and play more, to go and do the things I use to do for complete fun and pleasure, one of those was in line skating, down hill skiing, swimming and dancing.

I was the king of the big city va va voom roller blades on wheels, wiping around my city for years and this includes, a Saturday afternoon disco skating in central park New York, you had to be good to go into the circle, no messing around.

Yesterday; I took myself to our local arena to skate on my annual January vacation, I love this time of year and love my staycations as they call them. I rented a pair of skates, was more than little nervous at first, as its been years since I ice skated as well as in line skated. I was so excited, it was more welcoming anticipation than fear, but more than any thing, proud that I actually went and did what I said I would.

As soon as I hit the ice and herd the fabulous ABBA music playing over the speakers. I was thrilled, cautious and ready to glide. It took a good 35 minutes before I felt comfy enough to take out my phone and do a few videos to send people.

So I call these videos Michael Go Play 2020 (Videos Coming Soon) and so should you, your inner child and ex in your fantasy Olympic figure skating star on ice will thank you. Next up, skiing and going to the an afternoon movie out and about. So what’s on your intention list beyond career dreams, romance, money and ambition, place PLAY at the top of the list and as the saying goes, just do it!!!!

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog Playing 2020

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