Rebirth Versus Re-Denial…

“Travel light, flow into Rebirth”

Rebirth happens to us in many different stages as we travel along our spiritual awareness and healing path. Why would we not have constant Rebirth, just as plants and flowers in our garden or home, have a way to bloom bright and full, then take a resting rejuve period, which may look like the plants have packed it in, yet most times with care and at times being left to do their own thing, vola Rebirth.

We as humans have a similar capacity to flow into and welcome our constant rebirths, for myself at this stage in my life and journey, I welcome it. For its means the new and I love the new, especially if parts of the old, be it wisdom, certain thoughts or patterns no longer serve, then bring on the rebirth, for like the plants, you too will bloom and shine even better in soul renewal and fulfillment.

If you have been diligently doing your soul work with prayer, healing and positive change, then of coarse the birth will happen. The only blessing, as the old saying goes that offers any type of wisdom to remain in a denial, goes as follows. If you ripped the blanket off all at once, of one who is freezing, then the shock of this would hurt. Denial coming off at times belongs in small baby steps, yet the brave warrior will go, rip it off and let me have the courage to see the folly of my actions or where I am missing the mark and need to heal, period.

2020 offers us an invitation for Rebirth and Renewal. Allow all of those seeds of inspiration and healing that have been planted and nurtured over time, to now bloom in the light and wisdom of your journey. My own healing and wisdom services that I offer others, now reflect a rebirth to better serve in keeping with the times and energy we live in. Rebirth or Re-denial, the choice is yours, choose the light and steps that elevate your path in the new.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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