Letter(s) To God…

Letter To God

Writing a letter or letters to God, Spirit, Buddha or whom ever you pray to, believe in or are comfortable calling by a certain name, is a practice that I have used at different times in my life. I am self sufficient in my medicine and prayer practice in how to achieve, take action, follow guidance, manifest and heal a particular demonstration.

Yet at times; after we have done all we can in regards to a desire, problem or situation, then it is time to surrender and if your so inclined as I was today. Then with pen in hand and paper, write it all out, what ever it is you are desiring or having been working on or through and that your done with.

I always start with Dear God, then With Gratitude I ask that you take all that is written here. Say what needs to be said, give thanks, surrender it to the divine, all of it, does not matter how you say it, then place in a special place and leave it and forget about it. Mine will sit behind or under my Buddha. No muss no fuss and I was led to do this today for 3 situations and manifestations. Yes, so a total of 3 letters, while taking a break in between to buy some delicious sweets at local bakery.

Most times; as it has been proven to me over time and the power of the written word, when I look back in my journal where I write daily, looking at any of my co/creating wish list, I will find they all came to pass, anything from solving a problem, a healing intention, manifesting new wardrobe, home décor, to attracting a better paying job.

So being that today is Sunday January 19, 2020 in this new decade. Do you have a special prayer petition that needs the hand of the one whom is all powerful beyond what ever we could do on our own? Then dear friends, give it a shot. I know that I now feel a sense of peace/completion as I have done all I can, my part with feet on prayers, now we let go, let flow and allow the blessings to materialize in spirits timing.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020


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