Waiting, Grace & Creating…


Waiting, Creating With Grace

As a doer, an action oriented creative soul, a co/creator with spirit, the concept and energy of Waiting and Patience as in let go and let flow, is a new power and form of Grace that I have been adopting and bringing into my life of late, guided by spirit.

The challenge of Waiting instead of always Creating, is about the process. We as co/creators need to understand and embrace all parts of manifesting and doing. There is power in waiting and having patience to see your dreams and intentions manifest in the right time.

How we choose to fill up our minds, hearts and spirit while in the process of waiting from creating, will make all the difference in ones inner place of peace, which comes from, when we have done all we can and are guided by our prayers, spirit and intention to Wait, then that in itself is the action and the plan.

As spirit spoke to me today, Waiting is a form of Grace, patience and cultivating is a form of Mastery, being open to follow the direction that your soul is guiding you to do, is another from of choice. Choosing to go against the current of your life flow and desires, no matter how and when the form will take place, does not serve one’s best interest and energy.

So just for today, I embrace the Grace that comes from Waiting, the joy that comes from creating, put all together in the mix, then the out come brings more than ones desires and intentions, it brings you to another place of soul development and mastery, and is this not all part of the game of life and why we are hear.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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