Intuitive Hits, Who Are You Listening To?


Having read for thousands of clients as well as teaching others how to develop and trust ones intuition and Usui Reiki classes. Leads me to feel very confident in the world of the unseen, following guidance and how the whole grace of intuition works.

I would teach clients and students, in order to have an intuition that your not afraid to hear the whole truth from and how to decode intuitive hits and messages, does take some training, as in developing a relationship with your inner soul self, so that it is normal, as in ones sixth sense needs to be ones first sense and a natural everyday occurrence.

The Basics In Intuition 101 “Decoding Information”

When receiving guidance that you are not sure of, as in asking yourself once you receive guidance or an intuitive hit, is this really for me and is it true? We must heal our self sabotage and phobias around knowing stuff that cannot be explained, to become a truly gifted and talented channel of having a trusted intuition. So when you are not sure, ask your self these three things?

1, Is this the wisdom of truth from my soul self and spirit?

2, Is this a future or past event energy that I am reading about another? Why are you telling me this?

3, Is this the voice of truth, sabotage or wishful thinking?

Sharing the above truths with others, both out in the world and in spiritual classes have made all the positive difference for people. When I share this, its like a lights goes on and I can feel a sigh of relief as the one hearing this usual goes, wow, this makes so much sense.

How do I know this stuff you may ask? Through trial and errors in my own life, at times wishful thinking or trying to pray an intuitive hit away, does nothing for our own inner power source or the development of having a tusted intuition. “I would rather cry tears of knowing than denial” to quote a wise grandmother, hmmm yup.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020


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