The Healing Landscape Of Triggers & Rebirth

Live With Grace

A very wise and astute spiritual teacher once told me in session, the triggers are not real. Though depending how far down the healing road you are in understanding your triggers and the vulnerable spots, hearing that statement caused relief. Yet, when one is walking through a healing time or in the midst of a deep healing, the trigger absolutely can feel real.

The birth process for anyone giving birth is painful, the organic rhythm of life welcomes birth and death all the time. A natural order of things, as soul travelers on our path to becoming all we are meant to be. We also will have times of rebirth brought on by a trigger or situations, that can uproot an old pain and story, for us to look at in a new way, as in an opportunity to heal and be empowered, all healing is there to empower us, empower means to trust in our choices based on what is real in the now.

Helpful Tips

When triggered; remember it is an invitation to go deeper inward to the powerful healing part inside of you

The triggers are not real, they are there and come up to the surface to show you what needs to be healed, keep the focus on you, it is never about the one or situation that triggered you, they are acting as a divine catalyst is one way to look at

Bring more self love and self compassion when going through a healing time or rebirth

Know that this too shall pass, and it always does into greater grace and empowerment

Ask your guides and angels to help as well as reach out to your soul tribe for loving support

Send and give love and empowering self talk to your soul self, the wounded one that is feeling all so intensely

Journal, write it all out, as a lot of times under the pain brought on by a trigger can be unresolved anger and even rage for when you could not voice your dislike of something or speak up and protect yourself

Triggers and rebirth are another invitation to reset and fine tune your boundaries out in the world, highly important for all of us empaths

Embrace, love and respect your sensitivities, these are your talents that allow you to visit the unseen and receive assistance beyond what is visible, a deeper knowing of spirit in the center in your life

Last but not least; one of my favorites that I picked up along the way, ask the universe and spirit to send the reverse of what you are experiencing, when you can not take one more ounce of a situation or consistent pain, as well as the to have the courage to heal and to face all

The effects of a trigger will lessen over time, so be gentle and patient with yourself and the process, the more we heal, the more empowered our soul becomes to handle all

This new week, be good to yourself, add more love into the mix of your life, open to the miracles that are with you, they are the result of your grace and perseverance in this world to heal and be the fabulous you that you are…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020






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