Raising Your Vibration With Word Power…

Healing Words

We can raise our vibration as in healing and creating a new story, experiences for our life and healing journey. With positive self talk and word power. Depending on how you like to intergrade and add new teachings and perspective to your journey, the right words may come through intuition as mine often do, just when I am needing a new out look, way of seeing myself or others.

As this new week unfolds; try to pay attention to the words that you see and hear, the ones that stand out, be it if your reading a book or just sitting in silence in your daily practice of prayers, self reflection and meditation.

I am fully aware of the power of words, my role in the game of life in service to spirit each day. I always try my best to use words that match the energy behind them, no point in welcoming or communicating to anyone if your vibe is the opposite of what you are saying, people feel and read energy even if they are not on a spiritual path. We are all reading each other all the time, to quote Caroline Myss.

Three words that spirit has whispered to me that are impacting and empowering my life and personal teachings at this time and their meaning from my perspective are below. May they inspire, uplift, heal and give thought, to where these words fit into your life and journey at this time.

Compassion = Tolerance & Acceptance, at first, I was hearing the word Tolerance and to have tolerance does not mean we tolerate craziness or harmful situations that make you feel small. Yet after speaking with a very wise friend and spiritual mentor, their take on the word Tolerance came up as Compassion. For when we are in compassion for others and self, then we are empowered to be kind, be patient and not be attached by how others act, your responsible for how you navigate this world and your reaction to it.

Humility = The brave soul who has the grace and fortitude to look within, to be powerful outward from humility does not seek praise or validation, the energy of humility adds to ones self worth and confidence and has no reason to be over boastful. We just do what we do in good heart/consciousness and the rest we leave to spirit and the angels.

Endurance = The grace and blessing of praying for endurance is when you know, your time has come to move on from one place to another, yet the power of this word is a gift, to give you the stamina to stay the coarse, offering you more than a few positive out comes as a job well done, I had the patience to wait and endure and now my self esteem shines in its full power, again endurance is not about tolerating, it is about going deeper within and asking your soul self, do we endure a little longer to see the rainbow of our dreams coming to meet us with patience and trust.

Here is to another week in earth school as we walk our talk, live our light and stand tall in who we are and not who we think we are supposed to be, Self Acceptance is a beautiful place to begin…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020


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