The Cheerleader Archetype, The Teacher


The Best You Are

Are you a natural cheerleader to other peoples dreams, causes and desires? Do you find yourself cheering others on, even when you own life is going through stops, starts and at times healing turmoil. Then you dear soul are a natural born cheerleader.

We cheer on others as we know how the game of life can challenge you to your very core, the good, the uncertain, the blessings and the miracles when one stays their coarse with endurance and grace, are worthy of a good cheer for the heart.

Today this Wisdom article is in homage to all the wonderful teachers I know and have know, be it in person, through their books or in a seminar. I am a natural born cheer leader as seeing the glass always half full, half full and more of spirits great potential and blessings, there for all to embrace and welcome.

As we bless others so then we are blessed, it only takes a moment of positive speech, an act of kindness large or what may be perceived as small, no acts of kindness and love is small.

So today, give yourself a big cheer as you follow your heart and intentions, then pass the mantle of positive light and cheering to another. Inspire another to dream, to go wild in the field of infinite possibilities, not doubt, for we are all each others cheerleaders in this life, no one can do it all alone. Give a cheer, spread the good vibes.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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