The Cosmic Calendar Of Energy Shifts…


Energy Shifts

Does paying attention to or not, with the current Mercury Retro Grade, Full Moon phases and our Global Vibes effect how we feel, go about our daily routines and business? If your tapped into and live by the understanding that ENERGY is in all of us and does effect how we relate, heal and transform and contribute to our lives and others, then the answer is YES.

The cosmic calendar includes the above mentioned and this Mercury Retro enmeshed with the global vibe of fear and latest worries, can trigger old issues within you that need another look or healing perspective. The reason we may pay attention and gain from relating to the cosmic calendar, is to give reason as to why, you may be feeling off or noticing others behaving in a strange anxious way. I certainly have in my day job out in the world.

The current energies seem to get escalated when we have a full moon or are passing through a deep reflective time brought on by mercury retro grade. The point of observing this is not to get obsessed or lay blame for every problem on it, is to bump up your spiritual practice and grace prayers, to see you through and not get lost in all the mud or old triggers, that are basically always here to offer us an opportunity to reflect and refine our issues.

Can we heal in peace? I think we can certainly pray for the light of peace and the grace of resilience to see one through any shifts and changes within our own learning and energy, as well as what comes through the atmosphere globally. Stay present, love self more, be awake to the blessings that comes through the shifts in energy and remember, everything can be viewed as a teachings, but also as a positive opportunity to go deeper within, there lies the gold of wisdom and knowledge, that will always out rank any outside influences.

We are called at this time to put great love, kindness and respect back into our planet, all who share it, and this includes all of the nature spirits and our animal friends. We are one in this intention to maintain sanity and faith outside of all fears, real, imagined or promoted on the news airwaves to keep one living in what is not truth. So, order up an extra side of creative inspiration and love, to flow through and remain balanced in this new cosmic shift in the energetic changes.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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