Taking Stock, A Process Of Elimination, What Really Matters…

Live With Grace

Depending how you lived your life pre what all of us in the world are now walking through. The absence of always being on the go may be a personal and a spiritual challenge for a lot of folks.

The entire planet is all in the same boat and never kid yourself, each and everyone of you, us, we are joined together by our good vibes, our positive faith filled thoughts and our unity as masses of prayer circles are now extending outward each day, thank you all.

Do not fear the silence when it is with you, turn inward and allow your soul to speak to you, not the nagging fear based judgmental voice that may come up when your at work or driving your car here and there, the inner voice that is connected to spirit that knows how to guide and show you the way at this time and all times.

We take stock, what matters now and it always should, do I agree with my life where I stand? Do I have the grace and humility to surrender into that peace of acceptance? Which when viewed from higher ground is never about defeat or going with out, it is about just that acceptance with patience, faith, gratitude, courage and a willingness to see how all life now joins together, so what is important? Only your true self can answer that and when it does give it a ton of love.

What ever may have been will be no longer on some levels, petty resentments and constant ambitious desires, will now perhaps turn towards the greater good and finally following your true calling. Yes all of this will take some time, but you dear fellow soul travelers have the compassion within you to feed your spirit more of this, compassion, kindess, bravery and faith, that perhaps you never knew existed within you, yes you do.

In kindness and a ton of cosmic hugs, follow your heart, listen to your intuition for it is guided now by a greater good that blesses all, Michael 

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020




“You, I, We Are Not Alone” Message From Michael

Reiki Heals Beyond Fear

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dear fellow Reiki folks and wonderful soul sisters and brothers

We are not alone at this time, navigating the new now that has never been with us…

We are all in a new world or as I am calling it the new normal, its OK to be afraid a little bit, to be weary, to be vulnerable, to be sad as one can be in peace while sad and not always have the know or the how to or the answers, its just ok and I sense a more compassionate world where we know, we are one is in the works.

So if you find yourself feeling achy for no reason, us healer empaths are feeling the global energy and our immune system now becomes even more spiritual and is adapting, our soul will guide us as will prayer, your not alone, Spirit is holding us and we are and will find our way, so patience, prayers, gratitude, reach out, receive, kindness, we cannot fix this on our own, we can do our part how we choose to contribute to the faith, peace and light not the fear.

I am settling in to write and create more, make myself available to all clients and others for healings and phones sessions support through this time, as well I invite you to join me in this global prayer circle that Miss Myss is dong each Friday at 3 pm its in the video, we are all already on the case and some part of us since we got into healing has known this dawn would come, leading to a better place, more calm info and wisdom comes to me daily as I do my self reiki each day,

For as we all know Reiki heals beyond living in fear and when we open ourselves up to the reiki/healing and the guidance from prayer, we are lead into the light and soul inspiration how to navigate our world, remain in faith and out of scarcity or lack, The Reiki moves energy and creates a clear path for one to receive, yet be a positive conduit for change.

I leave you with C Myss short video message and one of my own prayer meditations for infusing’s one’s energy system with spirits healing light.


Michaels link for an infusing meditation prayer


Big hugs in the calmness of grace and faith, with a side of Netflix, K drama and a ton of ice cream if need be, be good to yourself, Michael 

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020


“An Infusion” Spirits Healing Light Meditation & Prayer

Reiki Peace

We are all in this together, as we walk through this new time upon our world, that is affecting all souls and this includes our animals, nature and nature spirits, all people, all living things. I have done this exercise below for many years, which can be done in the form of a guided prayer meditation, it is a call to spirit, the divine healer, Buddha, God whom ever you pray to.

For it is in the power of the unseen, we can and will receive our miracles to ensure our passage through this time. This exercise: be it if you are a believer or not, will certainly assist with unplugging all your energy sockets, as one wise teacher has said, from the fear virus. We are kind, we are loving, we have the patience, the faith and the ability to share with fortitude to get on through this time, yes, we do.

The Infusion Of Light Prayer/ Meditation

Bring yourself into the moment, for there is only the now

Ask for the light of Spirit Buddha God to encompass surround every part of your being and your space

Now say these words as if in prayer, “I unplug all of my energy sockets from global fear, the lower vibrations, the stresses of uncertainty” say what ever it is you desire your focus and energy to be unplugged from.

Now, ask spirit to infuse and fill every part of your inner self, all chakras, immune system, vital organs and your consciousness with spirits healing rays and loving light, flooding all of your system, infusing all of your inner self, your body, your consciousness with the light of healing and spiritual power from the divine

Again, surround yourself in light, say a prayer for all, close with gratitude and do this once or twice a day

Imagine with spirits powerful healing light, infusing every part of your energy system, flushing out fear and boosting your inner resolve/energy system to live in the now with faith, practicing good self care, taking your cues from smart resources and not the fear doom and gloom mongers.

I used this in my everyday life when working lots out in the world and with clients, to heal, purify my energy system and up lift from social exhaustion, fatigue and to remain healthy and vital, body, mind, soul and spirit. May it add to your life in the now with health, wellness vitality, ensuring safe passage, again faith in faith not fear.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020






Faith In A Time Of Fear…

Faith In Faith

“Faith in anything, be it positive or negative, produces results. Putting faith in fear generates destructive results, beginning with the disintegration of our ability to relate confidently to the external world” Caroline Myss

Pray now not later, is one of my favorite sayings/practices and as our world changes even more through recent times and events, this saying can be used as a life raft onto shores of a collective wisdom and energy from all believers, that will heal and produce waves of sanity and calmness amongst all fears.

Having faith and refusing fear to enter, can take some effort, yet with prayer and asking beyond our worldly plan, can and will bring in that peace, strength and inner resolve guided by spirit and intuition, how to maintain through these trying times, that are real, yet it is the heavens, power of prayer and the spiritual energy and healing energy, that will contribute to the solutions and lead us all out of fear and hopelessness.

We are now called to put into play every ounce of our faith in faith not fear, our practices, our spiritual study and guide books, that include prayer, Reiki, you name it folks, every fiber of your being filled with rays of spirits light and essence of spirit, then radiating outward counter balancing all that is not the light and the power to heal, and bring about the grace we need to over come what is now with us, solutions cannot come out of chaos, but a calm resolve will enter and bring them about.

Pray now not later and I thank you for joining me in this warrior march of prayer and spirits light brought in and upon us through the power of faith.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020