Faith In A Time Of Fear…

Faith In Faith

“Faith in anything, be it positive or negative, produces results. Putting faith in fear generates destructive results, beginning with the disintegration of our ability to relate confidently to the external world” Caroline Myss

Pray now not later, is one of my favorite sayings/practices and as our world changes even more through recent times and events, this saying can be used as a life raft onto shores of a collective wisdom and energy from all believers, that will heal and produce waves of sanity and calmness amongst all fears.

Having faith and refusing fear to enter, can take some effort, yet with prayer and asking beyond our worldly plan, can and will bring in that peace, strength and inner resolve guided by spirit and intuition, how to maintain through these trying times, that are real, yet it is the heavens, power of prayer and the spiritual energy and healing energy, that will contribute to the solutions and lead us all out of fear and hopelessness.

We are now called to put into play every ounce of our faith in faith not fear, our practices, our spiritual study and guide books, that include prayer, Reiki, you name it folks, every fiber of your being filled with rays of spirits light and essence of spirit, then radiating outward counter balancing all that is not the light and the power to heal, and bring about the grace we need to over come what is now with us, solutions cannot come out of chaos, but a calm resolve will enter and bring them about.

Pray now not later and I thank you for joining me in this warrior march of prayer and spirits light brought in and upon us through the power of faith.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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