Taking Stock, A Process Of Elimination, What Really Matters…

Live With Grace

Depending how you lived your life pre what all of us in the world are now walking through. The absence of always being on the go may be a personal and a spiritual challenge for a lot of folks.

The entire planet is all in the same boat and never kid yourself, each and everyone of you, us, we are joined together by our good vibes, our positive faith filled thoughts and our unity as masses of prayer circles are now extending outward each day, thank you all.

Do not fear the silence when it is with you, turn inward and allow your soul to speak to you, not the nagging fear based judgmental voice that may come up when your at work or driving your car here and there, the inner voice that is connected to spirit that knows how to guide and show you the way at this time and all times.

We take stock, what matters now and it always should, do I agree with my life where I stand? Do I have the grace and humility to surrender into that peace of acceptance? Which when viewed from higher ground is never about defeat or going with out, it is about just that acceptance with patience, faith, gratitude, courage and a willingness to see how all life now joins together, so what is important? Only your true self can answer that and when it does give it a ton of love.

What ever may have been will be no longer on some levels, petty resentments and constant ambitious desires, will now perhaps turn towards the greater good and finally following your true calling. Yes all of this will take some time, but you dear fellow soul travelers have the compassion within you to feed your spirit more of this, compassion, kindess, bravery and faith, that perhaps you never knew existed within you, yes you do.

In kindness and a ton of cosmic hugs, follow your heart, listen to your intuition for it is guided now by a greater good that blesses all, Michael 

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020




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